Due To No Increase In Funding Education Minister Of Italy Quits

Due To No Increase In Funding Education Minister Of Italy Quits
Due To No Increase In Funding Education Minister Of Italy Quits

On Thursday, the minister of Italy Mr. Lorenzo Fioramonti has given a letter to Italy premier. In that letter, he has resigned just because the government has failed to increase the funds for schooling and university. There is no fund increment in the budget of Italy next year. The education minister clarified by posting on Facebook that he has given his resignation letter. He gave the resignation on Monday just after the new budget approved by the parliament of Italy.

The resignation of Fioramonti is there with a new headache for the government formed this year in Italy. In August 2019, there were so many ruling parties who joined the forces are there to stop the power of league far-right leader. Therefore, Matteo Salvini is the person having different views regarding the economy to migration.

Due To No Increase In Funding Education Minister Of Italy Quits
Due To No Increase In Funding Education Minister Of Italy Quits

Fioramonti said that he is quitting just because of the education funding problems. He further added that he is quitting the post until the time education funding gets increased to at least 3 billion euros. Hence, this target was not met by the government and now they are facing the results with the quitting of education minister. The recent updates show that the government is still struggling to find the resources for avoiding massive VAT hike.

On Twitter, Fioramonti posted about all reasons for his quitting. In the resignation letter, Fioramonti wrote that I had accepted my job with full sincerity. Therefore, I will not be able to tolerate this problem, I cannot put the lives of students in such pain. Hence, this is a painful situation and I would not be able to tolerate this that’s why I am quitting my post. In addition, he points towards the government and says that government is not having enough resources to make our future secured. They are the ones who are there playing with the lives of students.

Now, we would like to tell you that a report of 2018 tells us that Italy is spending very less on education than other countries. Hence, this is the only problem for the bad results of this place. Due to this less education expenditure, Italy is risking the life of millions of students. And is going to lose millions of students in the upcoming 10 years.

Fioramonti, at last, said that Italy should increase the funds of education. Otherwise, they will lose thousands of students every year.

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