Easy Ways to Improve Car Engine Performance

Easy Ways to Improve Car Engine Performance

When your car engine performs well, not only can your vehicle go faster, but your fuel economy is likely to be much better and you are far less likely to need to visit the auto repair shop any time soon. 

So, it makes total sense to improve your car’s engine in any way you can, if you are able to do so. With that in mind, below you will find some of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your car engine’s performance.

1. Switch to synthetic lubricants

Synthetic lubricants are great at reducing direction in your engine, which means that your engine will perform better and last longer. They are more effective because they don’t break down when the engine is incredibly hot or under a lot of stress like many natural oils do. That is why synthetic oils are so often used by racing drivers.

Not only that, but if you live in a cold climate, synthetic oils can help to protect against extremely cold temperatures which may otherwise cause your engine to seize up too.

Sure, synthetic oils may be a little more expensive, but because you’ll have less engine trouble when you use them, they will pay for themselves in the long term.

2. Upgrade to bigger throttle body and injectors

A blogger throttle body will give your car more horsepower, providing you choose a high-performance brand. In fact, you can gain 10-20 horsepower simply by upgrading to a larger throttle body, and a similar amount of torque too.

However, it is important that you don’t go too big because that, conversely, can cause your car to lose horsepower. It is fair to say that all engines are not equally suited to big throttle body sizes, so it is probably a good idea to ask your mechanic or do some serious research before you make the upgrade.

Also, bear in mind that the bigger your throttle body, the higher-flow your duel injectors will need to be, so you will need to upgrade both at the same time.

3. Check the ignition system

Many of us don’t pay much attention to our vehicles’ ignition systems because they are generally pretty low maintenance these days, and unless the check engine light is lit up like a Christmas tree, we really don’t see the point.

However, if you want your car’s engine to function optimally, you really should be checking and maintaining the ignition system on a regular basis. For example, changing your spark plugs and upgrading them for higher performance versions is a really simple way of improving speed and fuel economy as well as ensuring your engine is in good shape. The same can be said for other parts so the ignition system including the ignition wires and coils, so don’t neglect them!

4. Upgrade exhaust manifolds

Upgrading your exhaust manifolds will not only improve the performance of your car engine but it will also help to keep your car quiet which is really important if you want to stay on the right side of local noise regulations and be able to enjoy a speedy but quiet drive!

Decent manifolds can increase horsepower by as much as 4, which may not seem like a whole lot, but when every little counts, it can be important, Not only that, but they are also able to more quickly feed gas throughout the engine, which really helps to give the car a boost and keep things flowing as smoothly as possible.

5. Increase compression

Increasing compression is one of the most effective ways to increase the horsepower of your car. When compression is built into an engine, so is power. However, you must be very careful when doing so because too much pressure can cause various issues to arise, which is why this is one job that is definitely best left to the professionals.

6. reduce the weight

A really easy way to help your car engine perform better is to get rid of any unnecessary weight, After all the heavier your car is, the harder the engine will need to work in order to power your along, and the slower your car will ultimately go. Not only that, but the heavier your car is, the more fuel you will use, which means carrying unnecessary luggage or really heavy seats and stereo systems can actually cost you money. Strip things back to the essentials and you are sure to see a huge improvement.

7. Add a velocity stack

A velocity stack is a device that looks a bit like a trumpet, which you attach to the engine’s air entry intake system, duel injection of carburetor depending on which you have. It basically improves airflow inside the engine to reduce turbulence, boost power and improve fuel efficiency.

8. Reduce friction

Anything you can do to reduce friction, whether that be installing a tappet camshaft or installing better roller rocker arms, will really help your engine to perform at its best. The more friction, the more pressure your engine is under and the more likely things will go wrong, so get rid of friction if you’re serious about performance.

9. Regular maintenance

Of course, for all the modifications you can make to improve the permanence of your car’s engine, if you do not take the time to regularly care for and maintain your existing engine, you are never going to get the best out of it, so ensure that it is serviced as often as possible if you want to ensure it performs as well as possible and has as long a lifespan as possible.

There is no doubt that any and all of these measures will improve the performance of your car, but unless you are a trained mechanic, it is probably a good idea that you have a professional carry out the work so that you can be sure your car is safe to drive and os that you do not end up accidentally coding your vehicle warranty, which could be a costly mistake!

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