Electoral College a Disaster “I AGREE” SAYS TRUMP

According to the recent updates, AOC makes Trump over tweet calling Electoral College is a Disaster “I AGREE”.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. on Tuesday came through an old tweet where Trump referred Electoral College as a disaster.

During the 2012 elections, 6 years back Trump (the recent president of USA) showed his frustration by tweeting this. He expressed his frustration with the Electoral College when the elections were held between President Obama and Mitt. Romney.

The exact tweet of Trump was that “Electoral college is a disaster for our democracy.” Therefore, in that election, Obama won over Romney. Trump was the one who endorsed Romney ahead for this election.

Now, President Trump of USA backs the Electoral College for his 2016 victory. On the other side, Ocasio Cortez seized on the old tweet of Trump.

Ocasio Cortez tweeted that “I’m very much glad that President Trump and I Agree that Electoral College is not got to go.” Last week, Ocasio Cortez squad member also said that “Electoral College is totally a racist scam.”

The severe racial disparities in some states resulted in racial injustice breakdown of Electoral College said, Ocasio Cortez.

Therefore, after all this, she gets into an argument that the Electoral College gives rural states a “fair shake.” She said, “Can you imagine if we are had this kind of democracy that alerts fairness provisions?”

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