Enlisting The Benefits Of Oracle Test Automation

Enlisting The Benefits Of Oracle Test Automation

It is essential to perform regression testing from time to time on the Oracle SaaS implementations to make sure that nothing is wrong with their functionality due to the several changes. Manual testing of applications is a costly affair and also takes far more time. This article explains the benefits of going for oracle test automation.

  • Confirmation of the known: Automated testing is a great way to check if the application is working properly or not after certain changes are made in the application. There is a possibility of working software’s functionality being impacted after adding a new feature or fixing a bug in the application. By running automated testing when updating the application, the company can identify if any new bugs are introduced due to the changes. Just remember to run automated checks whenever the application is updated.
  • Saves time and funds: Software tests are to be repeated whenever the software is developed further to improve the quality. The modification of source code leads to repeated test cycles on all the supporting operating systems and hardware configurations. It is costly to run manual tests time and again and also, much time is consumed. On the other hand, automated tests are to be created once only and these tests can be run over and over again. No additional cost is there and these tests take far less time than the manual tests. After running the automated test, errors can be identified easily and thus, are corrected quickly. 
  • Free up resources: With the upcoming automated tests, the manual effort for testing has been reduced significantly. Manual testing has been reduced to 20% as some automated testing applications allow scheduling the tests to run overnight or on weekends. Testers are not required to supervise the automated tests which provides them more time to focus on the exploratory testing of new features.  
  • Minimal impact on the business: Now companies can customize the set of functional automated tests according to their requirements. These customized tests are unique and efficient to the Oracle environments. The automated testing can be performed on the systems with different configurations without any risk to the internal resources. Automated software testing provides accurate feedback. There is no chance of any type of human error that used to occur during manual testing. Long-term costs on the long-lived applications have been reduced with the installation of automated testing solutions.
  • Improving accuracy: Human beings are tended to make mistakes. Even the most refined tester can make mistakes during the manual testing of the applications. Whereas, automated testing, no matter how many time it is run, performs each step precisely and never make any mistake while recording the results. Testers now are free from manual testing and can utilize their free time to create new automated testing software that deals with more complex features.
  • A vast increase in the test coverage: The depth and scope of several tests are increased due to automated software testing which further has improved the quality of the software. Lengthy tests that were often avoided during the manual testing can now run on the systems without much supervision. Automated tests provide a detailed study of the software. It looks inside the application and checks the memory and file contents, database, and internal program to determine if the application is functioning as expected. 


The purpose of automated testing is to automate test runs on SaaS applications by reducing manual efforts. Automated tests allow the organizations to quickly check if their application is working properly at an affordable cost. Now there is no chance of human errors.

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