Essential Blackjack Tips to Help You Win More

Essential Blackjack Tips to Help You Win More

One of the most played online games at online casinos is Blackjack. With great odds that can be enhanced through strategies, easy gameplay and a few different versions, it’s easy to see why the game has garnered this popularity.

Canadians can also get in on the Blackjack action too and implement the tips we’re about to dive into – check out this list to find the best Best online casino in Canada to find one that has this exciting and high RTP game in multiple variations, including live casino Blackjack.

Let’s get into the tips:

Learn some basic strategies

Blackjack is a relatively simple game – just beat the dealer’s hand in getting as close to 21 as possible. That’s the basic premise, but there are strategies you can implement to increase your odds of winning and slightly boost your chances.

Whether you use the tips we tell you in this article or any others, make sure you at least look and try out a few different strategies, finding which one fits your play style the best. There are plenty of resources and in-depth guides to be found on the internet. All it takes is 10 minutes of reading and you’ll at least have a decent clue as to whatever playstyle you’re going for.

Know your tables!

Bl;ackjack now comes in a variety of different forms, each with their own quirks and bets. You want to be looking at the tables and seeing the different bonus bets as well as payouts. 

One common example is to look for tables that payout 3 to 2 instead of 6 to 5, as this means you’ll walk away with more money for winning the same bet. You also want to check to see whether a dealer will stick on a soft 17, as this can impact the choices you make.

Never split your 10’s

A really common sense tip that is often ignored is to get your bets down when you sense that a dealer has a weaker hand than you. One common way to do this is when you have  apair, split them. This way you have two chances.

But one thing you never want to do is split with a pair of tens. Beginners can think that splitting tens could equal a double blackjack or two strong hands, which can happen but it’s not very often.

Even if you see that the dealer has something weak like a 3 or 5, you don;t want to split your tens, as 20 is a great hand. Don’t risk it when you’ve already got such a strong start!

You can stand on a 12 or a 13

Many beginners think that they have to keep hitting until they get into the high teens, 20 or 21 and in turn think a starting hand such as 12 or 13 is relatively bad. This isn’t quite the case.

WHilst you know your hand you also know one of your dealers cards – the up card. USing quick maths, we can work out the odds of the dealer’s hand and the chances that they will be on a 14-16. If we think they’re going to have a total between this range, they have quite a good chance that they’ll go bust on their next draw, as they’re forced to draw.

Blackjack is all about managing risk and when we know the chances of the dealer going bust are quite high – why risk going bust ourselves? In these situations it can be safe to stick on a low teen total.

An exception this this rule is when you have a pair dealt to you – you should split them (Except in the case of 10s, like we mentioned before!)

Doubledown on certain bets

Doubling down can be an easy way to bump you winnings and involves simply doubling your bet before you take another card. 

A great soft rule to play with is to double down when you have an 11, unless the dealer’s top card is an ace. You have a good chance that the next card will either be a face card or a 10, so take the initiative and double down!

There are other hand combinations that make use of strategic doubling down – your best bet is to take a look at a blackjack chart and have a gander at the strengths of different hands.

Don’t take insurance

Finally, many online blackjack tables allow for insurance If the dealers upcard is an ace. This can seem like a great way to mitigate losses if the dealer does eventually get Blackjack.

Whilst you may think this sounds perfect, in the long run the cons outweigh the pros and can end up costing more than you would’ve lost. From a long term perspective, you should avoid insurance bets.


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