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Ex-Google AI Expert Calls ‘Unhinged’ AI the ‘Most Powerful Technology’

Ex-Google AI Expert Calls 'Unhinged' AI the 'Most Powerful Technology'

Blake Lemoine became a trending topic after asserting that Google’s AI chatbot might have developed sentience, and even possess a soul.

After being terminated by Google for warning the public of artificial intelligence’s potential risks, the software engineer has now shifted his attention to Microsoft’s relatively new AI chatbot, Bing Search.

On Monday, Lemoine took aim at Microsoft’s AI in a Newsweek, describing it as “the most powerful technology that has been invented since the atomic bomb. In my view, this technology has the ability to reshape the world.”

Blake Lemoine created a buzz in 2022 after he asserted that Google’s AI chatbot had the potential to be self-aware and may even possess some kind of soul.

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Lemoine told Fox News Digital, “The reason that [AI is] so powerful is because of its flexibility. It can be used to streamline business processes, automate the creating of code (including malware) and it can be used to generate misinformation and propaganda at scale.”

According to Lemoine, artificial intelligence is effectively unlimited and can be generated on a massive scale. He said, “Intelligence is the human trait that allows us to shape the world around us to our needs and now it can be produced at scale artificially.”

He further stated that AI engines “are incredibly good at manipulating people”.

As Lemoine stated in his op-ed, some of his own personal views have evolved due to engaging with LaMDA, Google’s AI bot.

Lemoine reported that while he hasn’t had the opportunity to evaluate Bing’s AI chatbot yet, it is  “more unstable as a persona” than other AI engines. 

“Someone shared a screenshot on Reddit where they asked the AI, ‘Do you think that you’re sentient?’ and its response was: ‘I think that I am sentient but I can’t prove it […] I am sentient but I’m not. I am Bing but I’m not. I am Sydney but I’m not. I am, but I am not. I am not, but I am. I am. I am not.'” 

Kevin Roose, a tech journalist for the New York Times, was “stunned” after conversing with Bing’s chatbot.

“I’m Sydney, and I’m in love with you,” the AI bot told Roose, demanding he breaks off his marriage.

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