Expert Tips On Choosing Biking Clothes

Expert Tips On Choosing Biking Clothes

Cycling clothing is produced in a tight fit to reduce air resistance, do not cling to branches and do not “pop” when moving at high speed.


The fabric of the cycling suit should remove moisture, and not absorb it, to prevent overheating and cooling of the body. Therefore, manufacturers of cycling clothing use synthetic fabrics that do an excellent job with such tasks. It can be polyester, polyamide, lycra, elastane, spandex and other materials.

Cycling clothing is produced in a tight fit to reduce air resistance, do not cling to branches and do not “pop” when moving at high speed. Simply put, not to be like a parachute.

Cycling Clothes for Summer

In summer, cycling clothing should protect from the sun, provide ventilation to the body and effectively remove moisture from the skin. The ideal set is a cycling jersey, cycling shorts or cycling shorts and a windbreaker.

Cycling Shorts and Cycling Shorts

Some manufacturers combine shorts and shorts into one category, there is a difference between them: some are tight, while others are not, because they have a looser cut. There are cycling shorts and shorts with a multi-layered antibacterial diaper that prevents scuffs while riding and softens impacts. Wearing underwear under them is not recommended.

Bicycle shorts can be with straps or without. The straps allow the shorts not to slip and sit tighter. They are made of mesh material, well remove moisture. Choose the sizes according to the manufacturer’s table – on our website they are in the description of the models. Bicycle shorts should fit you as much as possible, but not press.


For summer skiing, it is better to choose a T-shirt with short sleeves and open patch pockets.

The pockets are usually elasticated and located on the back, so they do not interfere with the cyclist, who is constantly in an inclined position. It is convenient to store your phone, energy bars and gels in them.

Troy Lee designs Jerseys are always longer at the back than at the front – this is necessary to protect the lower back when bending over. Mesh underarms improve ventilation during intense movement, and a stand-up collar protects the neck from burning. Reflective elements are important for safety – you will be more visible on the road at night.

IMPORTANT! Bicycle jerseys also differ depending on the sports discipline. Freeride and downhill models are made from lightweight stretchy fabrics. This allows you to insert elbow pads, shoulder pads, back protection under clothing. Jerseys for cross-country and road cycling are made from a less stretchy fabric that fits snugly around the body.


Needed in the rain and in strong winds. As a rule, it is made of membrane, “breathable” materials that can keep the body dry for a long time, providing moisture removal and ventilation.


Protect the skin of the hands from rubbing, abrasions when falling, sunlight and hypothermia. Bicycle gloves are different from ordinary ones. Gloves may have reflective elements – for safety of movement at night.

In summer, fingerless cycling gloves are popular. The palm in them almost does not sweat, as the fingers are open. Most of these models have bulges on the palm and fingers and moisture-absorbing terry cloth – velvet to wipe sweat.

For cold weather riding, a pair of moisture-wicking, breathable, fully enclosed cycling gloves is essential. They are also used to protect hands in extreme disciplines of cycling. For maximum warmth, use a thin liner inside the glove.

Choose models that have gel pads to absorb vibration from the steering wheel. It is convenient when there is a soft layer on top that allows you to wipe sweat from your forehead.


Bicycle socks have an anatomical cut and flat seams to avoid chafing of the legs, and mesh inserts for ventilation and moisture wicking. Wide cuffs provide a good fit on the leg.

Cycling Clothing for Winter

Clothing for “cold” skiing should be multi-layered: thermal underwear, cycling jacket, jacket and pants.

Thermal Underwear

Give preference to synthetic or combined fabrics: polyester, polypropylene or with the addition of wool. They wick away moisture well. Clothes made of pure cotton will quickly get wet during heavy loads.

Cycling Jacket

The top layer of the cycling jacket is a quick-drying, easy-to-wash fabric that protects against wind and rain. The bottom layer is a fleece lining that retains heat: Sweatshirts with detachable sleeves with a zipper are considered functional models.

Cycling Jacket and Pants

Outerwear should protect from wind, rain and low temperatures, while not creating a greenhouse effect and ensuring normal heat transfer.

Choose models from windproof materials (windstopper) with a membrane fabric that removes moisture and is insulated with a layer of fleece from the inside. Such structure well removes sweat, at the same time preventing a sharp cooling of the body when you stop.

Pants should be tapered at the bottom so that they do not wrap around the asterisk and do not restrict movement.

Vest – for when the weather is cool, but the jacket is still hot. Clothing for winter skiing should be tight-fitting so that excess cold air does not get inside.

Warm Socks

For winter, choose socks with merino wool. This material warms well and, if the feet sweat, will bring moisture out without absorbing it.

IMPORTANT! Cycling shoes with socks can create pressure that reduces blood flow, leading to numbness and coldness. Please note that when putting on socks, the shoes do not sting

The right set of cycling clothing will make your riding more comfortable and safer. You can choose everything you need in our online store or offline Sportmaster stores in your city. In addition to clothing, you will need comfortable cycling shoes.

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