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Facebook Is Now Controlling The Tools Of News Feed: What Researchers Have To Say?

Facebook Is Now Controlling The Tools Of News Feed: What Researchers Have To Say?

According to the examination result, journalists and researchers say after making few changes in the News Feed, Facebook can now interfere with the browsing tools. In fact, the report also denotes that Facebook has also introduced spam code to HTML features. It improves the accessibility of visually impaired users. 

As a result, the browsers cannot automatically collect information about the post from the news feed. Thus, now screen readers, including visual and Czech users, cannot collect information. 

The changes have also interfered in the workings of the Ad Observer of NY University and Markup’s Citizen Navigator. These are a browser extension that enables the researchers to find political advertising. Not only this, but the extension has also helped them in the past by providing them with misinformation about the vaccines. So, the researchers need to be able to access the tools to study issues of misinformation and advertising target. 

Researchers say that these tools, which enable the customers to upload posts from their feed. It is one of the essential methods to collect information about how the feed works. 

In a release, Facebook’s spokesperson shared that the company is investigating the claims. They added that they constantly keep updating code across their service. In this update, they did not have the motive to block the research project. Moreover, many features are working as normal. However, they are investigating the other disruptions. 

These code changes are the recent quarrel between the researchers and Facebook. They say Facebook has ruined their effort to investigate what is happening in their platform. 

In addition, there are other connections to the changes as well. For instance, the Market and Edelson shared, the changes may affect the accessibility of screen readers. Also, the changes have created problems for some adblockers too. 


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