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Fast X Early Review: It is a Jason Momoa Show

Fast X Early Review: It is a Jason Momoa Show

Fast X or Fast and Furious 10 premiered on 12th in Rome and released in some parts of Europe on 17th. Here’s a take on the movie before it is screened in the US on May 19th.

The Fast and Furious franchise took two years to release the sequel to Fast 9. As the franchise is nearing its ultimate film, a lot of eyes were on Fast X. While the film was by no means disappointing, it wasn’t overly impressive either. 

The Fast franchise has set the bars quite high when it comes to hyperbolic action sequences. You go to the movie theater expecting the laws of physics to be discarded with vigor and innovation. While the physics and logic were sufficiently ignored in the film, it somewhat lacked innovation. You get the feeling of having seen some of the action sequences. Yes, a lot of scenes are rehashed from previous Fast and Furious movies.

One crazy change from the previous movie is the character of Dom’s brother played by John Cena who has suddenly become a goofball of an uncle in this movie after having spent the entirety of the previous movie trying to kill his big brother. Some of the dialogue in the movie too is un-thought provoking bordering on ludicrous. 

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Credit goes to Louis Leterrier, the director for using Jason Momoa in the manner which he did in the film. Playing the villain, Momoa has added a fair bit of crazy to the film. The screenplay by Dan Mazeau and Justin Lin has its lackluster bits but shines through the portrayal of Dante played by Momoa. You’ll miss his flamboyance whenever he’s off screen. You have to watch the final showdown between Vin Diesel and Momoa with eyes wide open. 

This movie is very accessible to the newcomers to the franchise. In fact, the character played by Alan Ritchson runs you through the plot lines of all previous films. Newcomers might actually end up enjoying the film more than thorough followers.

Overall, the film has the “James Bond meets modern mechanics vibe” that you’d expect. Dominic Toretto and his gang are as energetic as always. You get to see bits and pieces of Fast 5 – it kind of rekindles your memory of the Chemistry between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. The movie is a fun ride, but a ride you’ve tried earlier.

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