Features In The Best Co-Working Space

Features in the Best Co-working Space

Gurugram in India, formerly known as Gurgaon has become a major commercial and financial hub in recent years. Many Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and technology companies are establishing their headquarters there. It is also a home to a growing number of coworking spaces, including lounges, cafes, restaurants, malls, and other amenities. 

There are many platforms that can assist you in finding coworking space. You can look for the space that has the top-notch and essential features. 

Top-features in Co-working Space

1. Location

If you are looking for coworking space, you must consider the location carefully. The location can have good connectivity with roads, and metro so that people can commute easily.  The area should be safe, especially for women. There should be cleanliness, as the good location plays a crucial role in building the image of a company, or an enterprise. 

2. Size & Layout of Workplace

The size of the workplace should suit the strength of your team and management. If you are planning to expand your workforce, you can consider the space that can include existing members as well the new ones. The best co-working place may have the following features:


The co-working space can be spacious. If the workplace is congested, members may feel suffocated and may find it difficult to work comfortably. 


The structure of a co-working place can be well designed with a gaming zone area, pantry, conference room, meeting room, common or activity room, washroom, and desks. 

Comfortable Sitting

If the chairs or couches are uncomfortable, members of a startup, or an enterprise may not be able to work freely. Also, tables should be wide so that members can keep their laptop and other things. If there is not much space, members may feel irritated. Thus, to avoid such a case, you can look for a spacious and well-designed co-working space. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the features to look for while looking for a co-working space is cost-effectiveness. It should be affordable, and be in your budget, while offering other features like good internet connectivity. 

In comparison to traditional offices, you may have flexible options that allow you to pay for the workspace you need. You may get discounts if you are looking for a longer duration.  The best co-working space may fulfill your requirements and needs at an affordable price. 

4. High-Speed Internet

Nowadays, everyone needs an amazing internet connectivity to research, conduct online meetings, and much more. Imagine you are in a meeting with a client and due to bad connectivity, you may not be able to communicate with the client smoothly. This may bring a bad impression in front of your client.

Thus, to avoid this, you can check if there is good internet connection in the entire workspace. If a co-working space does not support any internet connection, you can avoid choosing that workplace. 

5. Game Zones

In a coworking space, people do not come only to work. This space is a great place to engage with people who share your interests and vision for success. If you interact with other people in a coworking space, you may open the door for cross-marketing, collaboration, and partnerships. 

In most coworking places, there is a gaming zone or an activity room. You can do the following fun activities in a coworking space:

Breakfast Meet

Everybody loves good food. You can use this as an opportunity to bring people together in a coworking space. You can send an invitation to everyone for breakfast the night before and ask them to come to the space around one or half an hour early. This way, no one may miss working and productive hours and start a day happily.

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Make a happier and healthier environment by conducting yoga and meditation sessions once or twice a week after work. You can invite everyone to join in and have a Yoga instructor to lead the class. This event may inspire others to attend that can hep you build some strong connections with other people. 

It can be difficult to set up a gym with equipment and machines. To conduct yoga sessions, all you need is some yoga mats and a wide space. Events like yoga sessions may act as ice breakers to communicate with other people freely. 

Game Night

One of the most popular things to do in coworking space is a game night. People interact and play that can help them bring together. You can host game night with games that everyone can easily play, such as Pictionary and board games. 

Look for games where smaller groups of 4-6 people can interact and play together. 

6. Meeting & Conference Rooms

The best co-working space has meeting and conference rooms. There can be separate cabins with a good interior. The doors of the rooms can be sound-proof so that there is no disturbance from outside.The rooms can have proper lightning.

7. Security 

There should be proper security in and out of the co-working space. Cameras must be placed in all areas so that you feel safe and secured. There can be lockers so that you may keep your personal belongings. 

Sum Up!

If you are looking for coworking space in gurugram, you must look for the top-notch security & protection, spacious pantry, good lighting, and much more. Choose the coworking space that is located at a place which has good connectivity with roads and metro. 

myHQ is a recognized platform through which you can get the best co-working space. It is the largest workspace provider that can assist you find the space that suits your needs and requirements.You can visit their official website and contact them for further information. 

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