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Filming for ‘The Crown’ Season 6 to begin in August 2022

Filming for 'The Crown' Season 6 to begin in August 2022

In November 2022, Netflix released season 5 of The Crown globally. The production of the last season will begin in August 2022. If you’ve been a long-time reader, The throne Netflix has announced that it will not release the sixth season.

For starters, Season 5 was the final season, but the streamer altered it in the end. It appeared to be a done deal when Sony (the series’ producer) and Netflix agreed. However, a few months later, Peter Morgan (who runs and works with Netflix under an overall arrangement) overturned his decision: “It happened quickly. It became evident that, in order to give credit to the story’s richness and complexity, we needed to go back to the original concept and complete six seasons.”

Netflix will launch Season 5 in November 2022. However, filming will begin sooner, based on Production Weekly’s list of new productions. For the time being, they may not be able to provide anything more than the location. There is no information on where they will film Season 6. If you enjoy behind-the-scenes footage, this is the show for you.

Netflix has prepared a lovely behind-the-scenes documentary for The Crown. After the filming of the series, it will move into post-production. We were able to speak with members of the Framestore. These people are responsible for the massive VFX work that occurs each season. 

No release date has been set because the next season has yet to begin production. Netflix will film the sixth season at the beginning of 2022. The fourth season will air in November 2020. Season 5 will broadcast in November 2022, after production began the following year in 2021.

Filming for 'The Crown' Season 6 to begin in August 2022

What Is The Plot Of Season 6 Of ‘The Crown’?

Season 4 was set in the 1990s and focused on Margaret Thatcher’s resignation. Season 6 of ‘The Crown,’ according to Deadline, will usher in the 2000s. It will examine the events that occurred in the royal family’s lives during that period. For instance, the divorce of Prince Andrew and Sarah Furguson, Princess Anne’s breakup with Mark Phillips, Princess Diana’s 1996 breakup with Prince Charles, and the most heartbreaking of all, Princess Diana’s death in 1997 all happened during this time. As if that weren’t enough, Princess Margaret and Queen Mother Elizabeth both died in the 2000s.

Despite all of the catastrophes, the time still has some beautiful memories, too—for instance, Prince Charles’ engagement and wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles. Seasons 5 and 6 will focus on John Major’s (1990-1997) and Tony Blair’s (1997-2007) tenures as Prime Ministers, according to Town & Country.

Who Is In ‘The Crown’ Season 6’s Cast?

The casting changes every few seasons to make the characters’ ageing look genuine. Cast from Season 5 will return for the final season. Moreover, only a few characters will be there for Season 6. Lesley Manville will portray Princess Margaret in Season 5. She will replace Helena Bonham Carter. On the other hand, Dominic West will play Prince Charles. He will replace Josh O’Connor.

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