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Finding the Best Data Hosting For Your Business

Finding the Best Data Hosting For Your Business
Finding the Best Data Hosting For Your Business

As your business grows, so will the amount of data you need to manage. This is part and parcel of running a successful business; your client list will grow, alongside your employee database, financial records, communications history, and software needs. You may soon find your network overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data stored on it. This is normal – but it certainly isn’t productive. Finding a way to securely host your data is incredibly important, and nowadays there are several different methods you can use. Before you make your choice, ensure you’ve considered all the options before coming to an informed decision.

Cloud Hosting

In the last few years, cloud computing has really come into its own. We use the internet throughout our lives without thinking twice, and hosting your data on the cloud is a perfectly feasible option. Recent advances in security have made cloud hosting a much more attractive option than before, and you can be fairly assured of your data’s safety – although, of course, data on the cloud will always be more at risk than data stored in private hardware and closed networks. The main advantage of cloud hosting is that it does not require big start-up costs to invest in hardware; you simply pay a fee each month to the hosting service.


As technology improves, colocation services have become even more attractive. Somewhere between cloud hosting and internal hardware solutions, in a colocation scheme, you will pay to store your data in remote hardware, at a secure location, alongside other businesses. This is a great option for smaller businesses that may not have the real estate to host their own hardware, but still want to function with critical IT infrastructure in place. It’s also a brilliant way to back-up data whilst keeping it safe and secure. Again, monthly payments are standard, and you can check QuoteColo for Canadian rates, as they will differ depending on your global location.

Internal Hardware Solutions

This is the oldest solution for data hosting, existing since before the internet was even conceived, but it remains one of the most secure options, particularly for slightly larger businesses and companies. Using internal hardware means exactly that; you purchase your own IT infrastructure, house it onsite, and keep all your data to hand in a physical, closed network. The advantages of this are that you pay no monthly fees, and your data is always at the fingertips of your IT employees. It is also the most secure option, and perfect if your data is particularly sensitive. However, the start-up costs of buying the equipment can be prohibitive, and you will also need to consider the possible maintenance costs of keeping the hardware running over many years. Internal hardware also requires floorspace, so bear this in mind if you’re operating out of minimal premises.


Whichever option you choose, it is worth finding a back-up solution. If your cloud hosting is hacked or compromised, or your internal hardware falls victim to physical damage from flooding or fire, you don’t want to risk losing your data. Using two out of the three is always a good idea to ensure back-up safety and helping you rest easy knowing your data is taken care of.

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