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French Director Accuses Saaho Of Copying His Film Largo Winch.



French Director Accuses Saaho Of Copying His Film Largo Winch.

Jerome Salle (French Director) recently accused the movie Saaho of copying his film “Largo Winch.” He tweets “If you steal my work, at least do it properly.

Lisa Ray accused the makers of Saaho of plagiarism of Largo Winch. She said that Prabhas new movie is a copy of Jerome Salle’s movie. They learned that there are similarities between Saaho and Largo Winch.

Last year also, Jerome Salle accused Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavassi of the same thing. Hence, Jerome Salle recent tweets say “The second free make of Largo Winch is as bad as the first one.” 

Jerome Salle personally pointed the Telugu directors by tweeting this: “Telugu Directors, if you steal my work, then use it properly.” In 2018, the director Trivikram Srinivas was also accused of copying Largo Winch in his movie Agnyaathavassi. At that time Jerome Salle pointed that “Indian Cinemas are having necessary talent and creativity for not having to plagiarize.”

With all this Lisa Ray is also calling out the markers on Instagram post. She writes “What is creativity? What is art? Where does it come from?” She said that copying is not an inspiration, it is blatant theft. In no world, this is acceptable.

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But the makers of Saaho are yet to respond to these allegations.

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