From Average To Excellent: How To Improve Your Customer Review Score

From Average To Excellent: How To Improve Your Customer Review Score
From Average To Excellent: How To Improve Your Customer Review Score

Did you know that almost 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family? With more and more customers checking ratings before buying products or investing in services, it has never been more important to take steps to enhance your reputation and impress your customers. In this guide, we’ll explore some strategies you can employ to take your scores from average to excellent.

Collect, analyze and act on feedback

Reviews are not just there to inform consumers and help them make decisions. They can also be incredibly useful for business owners. Collecting and analyzing feedback is an effective means of gaining an insight into how customers perceive your brand, how they rate the service you provide and how they feel you could improve. Take time to read comments, digest information and think about ways you could address weaknesses and provide a superior service for your clients. If you can identify and address issues swiftly, this will help you build consumer trust and it’s also a useful exercise in reputation management. You want your customers and prospective clients to view your brand as trustworthy and reputable, and you can build confidence by admitting that you’re not perfect and striving for continual improvement.

Focus on customer service

Customers who leave reviews don’t just rate the quality of a product. They will also judge you according to the service or experience you provide. If you manage a restaurant, for example, you may find that a customer gives you a 2-star review even if they loved the food. Poor service can make all the difference. If diners are waiting for ages to be seated, the food arrives cold, or the waiting staff doesn’t know anything about the menu, customers may leave you negative comments and decide not to visit again, even if they actually enjoy their meal. If you run a store, shoppers might be put off by rude assistants or long queues. Prioritize customer service and go out of your way to make every client feel special, to ensure they enjoy the experience of shopping, dining, traveling or staying with you and only make promises if you know you can deliver on them. If expectations are high, and you fall short, you won’t attract rave reviews. If you promise next-day delivery, for example, make sure you have the means to offer this service.

Provide good value

Many business owners are fixated on price. While promotions and cutting prices can turn heads, it’s more important to focus on providing value for money. Some buyers will look for the lowest price, but most are more eager to ensure they get the best deal. If you’re selling a higher quality product at a competitive price, or you’re offering express delivery or a personalized gift card with every purchase, for example, this will set you apart.

Customer reviews can make or break businesses. If you’re on a mission to improve your score and impress prospective clients and shoppers, take these tips on board.

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