From Hidden Gems To Star-Studded Skies: Discover The World’s Most Scenic Small Music Festivals

From Hidden Gems To Star-Studded Skies: Discover The World's Most Scenic Small Music Festivals

Imagine watching your favorite band perform against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks, or dancing the night away under a star-filled desert sky. This is the reality for attendees of the world’s most scenic small music festivals, a realm where natural beauty meets artistic expression in perfect harmony. 

Today, we will share these amazing places with you, along with the type of music you can expect to experience and how exclusive these locations will be.

Sakura Music Festival, Japan

Located in the heart of cherry blossom country, this festival coincides with the annual blooming of these stunning trees. Attendees can experience an eclectic mix of traditional Japanese and contemporary music, all set against a breathtaking backdrop of pink and white blooms.

Sakura festivals can be found up and down the country, as each location celebrates the change in the trees. Depending on your preference, you can experience the beauty in cities such as Hirosaki, which host their festival in the historic Hirosaki Castle parklands, or you can head to less popular areas such as the Meguro River which has cherry blossoms along the walkway.

Midnight Sun Festival, Norway

This unique event takes place in Tromsø, north of the Arctic Circle, where the sun doesn’t set for weeks. The festival offers a blend of local and international acts, all playing under the surreal midnight sun.

Because this event has such a cultural impact on people from around the world, the musicians who play during the festival are just as international. You can expect music from North Korea, England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and more!

The Desert Daze, Joshua Tree, USA 

This indie rock, folk, and psychedelic music festival takes place in the mesmerizing landscape of Joshua Tree National Park. The stark desert scenery and star-studded skies make for a truly atmospheric musical experience.

You won’t just be listening to international bands, you’ll also be viewing unique artwork from people around the area. Each artwork connects to the Joshua Tree landscape in some way or another.

In this tranquil experience, most people end up in a psychedelic haze from the rhythmic music, hot weather, and gentle atmosphere.

If you purchase VIP tickets, you can head to the chilled areas to lounge while you escape from the heat. In these lounging spaces, you can talk to the art directors and local historians as you dive deeper into the art around you.

Lake Of Stars, Malawi

Named after the lake it’s held on, this festival offers a combination of African and Western music, art, and culture. With the tranquil Lake Malawi as its stage, the event provides a unique, immersive experience.

You will be immersed in poetry, theater, film, music, and wellness activities during this bright and beautiful experience. This festival brings some of the biggest names on the continent. Like the Glastonbury of Africa!

Meadows In The Mountains, Bulgaria

This festival is set in the Rhodope Mountains, where attendees can enjoy a diverse line-up of music while overlooking beautiful, untouched meadows and woodland.

For millennia the people of this area have been gathering at the Meadows in the Mountains. Historians have found evidence of religious and cultural connections from tribes and cultures past each showing how the ceremonies of the areas saw greatness in this landscape.

Those who maintain this festival ensure that the history of the land will continue for decades to come. This means creating a sustainable experience filled with the history of culture, history of food, and history of entertainment for all to enjoy!

Expert Opinion

We spoke to John Smith, the founder of Star Tickets, about what to expect from these types of experiences. 

He said “These festivals offer an unparalleled experience, combining an intimate, friendly atmosphere with breath-taking natural settings. They aren’t just about the music, but also about offering a unique sensory journey. It’s about the thrill of discovery, the love for music, and the beauty of being in some of the world’s most incredible landscapes.”

He went on to explain that “these festivals are created with culture in mind. You will experience real local insights by visiting a country in celebration.”

Final Thoughts

If one of these sounds like a festival for you, it’s time to get your passport ready and pack a bag! 

Make sure you read up on the festival before joining as many have cultural expectations that visitors should participate in. For example, the Meadows in the Mountains encourages festival goers to arrive by foot, bus, boat, or bicycle to help reduce the carbon footprint of the festival.

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