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Ganglands Season 2: Is Netflix Planning to Renew The French Series?

Ganglands Season 2: Is Netflix Planning to Renew The French Series?

As is known in the new French Ganglands series, or hometown, the Braqueurs: La series has been gradually gaining in popularity since its launch on Netflix in September 2021, but is back in its second season. There were 6 episodes in season 1. Let us read more about Ganglands Season 2

There are two parts in the series: Liana (Tracy Gotoas) and Mehdi (Sami Bouajila) need to team up to save Shainez (Sofia Lesaffre). A grassroots war breaks out among different gang rulers while they try to save their loved ones. One of them is Saber (Salim Keshush), whose drug mafia program kidnaps Shines.

At Netflix Ganglands, Liana and Medi form a strong duo, but the villains are weak. Saber doesn’t have a strong personality, so he can’t take it seriously. However, the show had many high-octane action scenes that impressed the masses.

All about the Ganglands Netflix Renew

Launched worldwide on September 24th on Netflix, the new French crime drama series is about thieves and their apprentices who are disagreeing between law and drug dealers. 

Ganglands comes from Netflix non-stranger creators Hamid Hlioua and Julien Leclercq. Hlioua was the writer for the canceled Netflix series La Revolution, and Leclercq lent his writing skills to Netflix’s French thriller Sentinels.

How well does Gangland work on Netflix? 

We don’t have an official audience yet, but using Flix Patrol’s Top 10 data, we can see that the series is the fourth-largest show in the world on September 30, 2021. The only performances before the Top 10 Ganglands were squid games, sex education and midnight fog.

The series has reached the top 10 in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. It is also doing well in his native France, reaching third place.

Is there Ganglands Season 2? 

Of course, this series presents a second season, with many questions left at the end of Season 1. After all, Medi is now running away with a young thief. What does the French media say about the Ganglands Season 2? They are generally optimistic.

As with all Netflix updates, you’ll probably have to wait a month or two before the first release before Netflix can collect data about whether it’s the second season.That’s all for now. We would like to inform you about future updates for Season 2. One of the best places to track the future of your show is your Netflix account in France. It is not confirmed if the Ganglands Season 2 will be announced or not.

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