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George Soros “wants to erode the very fabric of civilization”, Says Elon Musk. But Why?

George Soros “wants to erode the very fabric of civilization”, Says Elon Musk. But Why?

Elon Musk has started a digital war of ideologies on Twitter by tweeting, “Soros reminds me of Magneto”. The tweet is about George Soros, a Hungarian American financier, philanthropist, and billionaire. The tweet about Soros got instant traction and acquired over 26 million views. 

Following the first tweet, independent journalist Brian Krassenstein tried to defend Soros by referring to the fact that both Magneto and Soros are Holocaust survivors and therefore rich in their depth of empathy. Musk had an even deeper dig ready for George Soros which he expressed replying to Krassenstein’s tweet. He went on to say, “He (Soros) wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity”.    

There was raging support for Musk’s tweets and anybody who tried to defend Soros got slammed by scores of comments. The hatred for George Soros is deep and all pervading. And it is not something new.

The Jewish billionaire has been colored in many ghastly epithets in the past – “Nazi collaborator,” “the world’s biggest drug dealer,” “a traitor to the United States,” “one of the most evil people in the world,” even “Satan’s seed,” to name just a few. The question is, why is the founder of The Open Society Foundations – an organization dedicated to peace, education, and justice – hated so much?

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George Soros, 93, had a net worth of little over $9 billion in 2021. In reality, George Soros has donated 64% of his original net worth which he had amassed over decades of foreign currency trading and investment. He played a role in toppling communism in Eastern Europe, he invested a fortune in Bosnia to implement the peace agreement, he even helped Aung San Suu Kyi come to power in Myanmar. He’s been donating for causes associated to LGBTQ, abortion, immigration, and whatnot. 

Tucker Carlson said, “Never has there been so much money in a system whose goal is to create a new order in society”. Soros is a benefactor of the smaller communities who struggle to be heard. He has no intention of stopping, it seems. This is something that goes bang against the right-American ethos. Hence the scorn. Whether he deserves all of it, history will decide. 

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