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Ghostrunner 2 Is Going to Be Bigger, Better, and More Challenging

Ghostrunner 2 Is Going to Be Bigger, Better, and More Challenging

Ghostrunner by 505 Games was an instant hit in 2020. Sony has announced a sequel of the game set in a cyberpunk environment. You can expect to get Ghostrunner 2 later this year. In a blog, PlayStation has shared the announcement trailer for the game along with some intriguing  information around it. So, what should you expect from the sequel?

Ghostrunner 2 is going to maintain continuity with the original game. The premise is set 1 year after where the story was left in the first edition. You’ll still play as Jack but this time there will be a lot more to explore than just Dharma Tower.

You’ll find that Dharma Tower is rebuilding and commerce has begun to flow. But the power vacuum created by the death of the Keymaster is attracting a lot of villainous characters. So, as the hero you can expect a lot of baddies to fight and bosses are going to be more challenging. In fact, PlayStation has gone so far as to say that Ghostrunner 2 has some of the most challenging situations you have ever experienced in a game. 

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The gameplay mechanics have also been enhanced to make the game more engaging and interactive. You can now block projectiles while taking a bit of damage to your stamina. You can also try different ways of fighting the enemies. The makers have left a lot of room for the players to apply their creativity. There’s the new shadow skill that allows Jack to leave a copy of himself to trick the enemies.

Some levels will even feature a motorbike. It will add to the open world feeling of the game challenging you even further. The cybervoids are there too to give you an open-world experience with additional inter-missions. 

Overall, Ghostrunner 2 is packed with exciting new changes and some of the old features are redone to better suit the new gameplay mechanics. Bottom line, you’re going to love this one if you enjoyed the original Ghostrunner game.

Video by PlayStation

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