Going Above And Beyond: Tips To Impress Your Customers

Going Above And Beyond: Tips To Impress Your Customers
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Impressing customers should be a priority for every business owner. In a world where over 90% of consumers now check online reviews, reputation is everything. In this guide, we’ll explore some steps you can take to go the extra mile for your clients. 


Your USP is what makes you different from rivals and sets you apart. Whether you’re launching a startup, or you are an established company looking to attract new customers, it is vital to have a USP that will impress clients. Think carefully about your target customer and analyze the competition. Consider features, perks and services that could give you the edge and focus on creating a USP that will resonate with your target market and help you gain a competitive advantage. 

Customer service and support

If you took a second to read customers reviews online, you’d quickly notice that the quality of products and services is just one factor that influences feedback. The vast majority of shoppers and clients will also rate the service they receive. If customer service is poor, or there is a lack of support available for clients, the rating may be low, even if the buyer loves the product. Focus on providing exceptional customer service by offering responsive support, keeping in touch with customers via email and social media and ensuring you deliver on promises. If there are any issues that affect your service or the quality of a product, make sure you contact the client, explain the situation and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If you provide face-to-face services, it’s also beneficial to explore staff training programs and courses. 


Adding a personal touch can make all the difference when it comes to providing better value for your customers and offering additional perks and services that other companies don’t. Consider steps such as personalizing emails and sending out exclusive offers, for example, birthday treats, and investing in a laser engraving machine to customize products and gifts. Every customer wants to feel special and adding bespoke features and services can also separate your business from others. 

Rewarding loyalty

It’s common to see adverts and promotions for new customers, but one of the golden rules businesses should follow is to reward loyalty and look after existing customers. Research suggests that repeat customers spend more money and they may also be more likely to recommend your company or store to others. There is nothing wrong with expanding your client base, but try to avoid isolating loyal customers. You can offer incentives for new clients at the same time as providing exclusive offers, perks and discounts for existing customers. 

Customers often have a range of choices when it comes to buying products and services. As a business owner, it’s critical to be able to persuade the buyer that your business is the best option. If you’re looking to impress customers, it’s beneficial to go above and beyond. Take these tips on board to boost sales and ensure that your company receives rave reviews. 

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