Going On A Long Cycle Ride For The First Time? Here Is A Checklist For Everything You Will Need

Going on a long cycle ride for the first time? Here is a checklist for everything you will need

It’s important to be prepared for endurance rides and epic cycling adventures, whether going for an hour on the road or in the woods. Therefore, you should always have a few things with you when riding. 

Consider the duration of your ride, the nature of your journey, and the resources you’ll have access to while out on the road to choose what else to include on your endurance ride checklist. To keep things simple, we’ve included below a few of the most crucial items you should bring along with you on a long bike trip.

Tools and spares:

Air pump:

CO2 cartridges are more portable and easy to use, but a pump may be reused several times. Having air in a tire more rapidly once or twice is not worth the hassle; therefore, it’s preferable to be prepared for repeated flats.


Have at least two spare tubes if you’re using tubed tires. You should still have at least two tubes, even if you’re using tubeless tires. Remember that tubeless tires have a more comprehensive operating pressure range and a lower chance of flats. However, they are not immune to flatness.

Tire levelers:

Tire levers are useful for scraping sticky mud off tires and frame components and should be carried even if tire removal and remounting can be accomplished without them. 


Even after installing a spare tube or tubes, you may still need to repair a flat. Though traditionally bonded patches last longer, self-sealing ‘glueless’ ones take up less room in your seat back.


If you’re going on a long ride, include a multitool and a chain tool. It may be necessary to take the chain apart and straighten any kinks before reconnecting it with a power link. Also, when riding a bike with Torx bolts, it’s important to have the appropriate size Torx wrench in your multitool or several Torx wrenches.

Wearable items:

Rain jacket:

While a rain jacket isn’t necessary for every ride in the mountain range, be prepared for sudden weather changes. A rain jacket’s ability to prevent precipitation from penetrating while also acting as a windbreak and trapping in warmth is a major plus.

Cycling jersey:

Choosing appropriate cycling apparel like cycling jerseys would be preferable. Cycling jerseys are not like cotton T-shirts; they are form-fitting and breathable, so you won’t sweat as much when wearing them. Three back pockets are perfect for storing food and extra layers, and a front zipper provides breathability. 

Cycling shoes:

Bicycling shoes are designed with rigid bottoms to provide support and efficiency when pedaling. In addition, clip-in pedals are standard on almost all bikes nowadays. Therefore, riding for lengthy periods while wearing these shoes is feasible. 

Other accessories:


Make sure your nose, ears, and the back of your neck are well covered with sunscreen before you go or bring a little sachet along.

Navigation tool:

Taking a false turn can cause you to go longer than you had intended. The smallest and lightest navigational tool is a cue card with directions inscribed on it. The sheet from an atlas, the mapping program on your phone, or the GPS cycle computer all work quite well.

Water bottle:

If you have access to refills, one big (750 ml) water bottle will be enough. If not, you need to order two. Any bike can carry two water bottles, often on a bracket below the saddle. Bottled plain water is a practical choice since it can be used for several purposes, including rinsing hands and cooling down.


Pack some sugary snacks for a quick energy boost whenever you need them. You may bring anything from energy gels and bars to flapjacks and cereal bars to bananas. Try to stop for some “genuine” cuisine along the way if you can. After a time, the effects of sugar overload become unpleasant.


Sunglasses with a slight tint prevent glare from the sun and block out wind and insects. Moreover, they will also make you look cool while riding.


Although you may not need them if you have good bar tape or grips, mitts give a little cushioning to your hands, and the breathable mesh thumbs come in handy for wiping perspiration or blowing your nose. 


Always prepare for the worst before embarking on a long journey. Bring these supplies and equipment to make your lengthy bike ride more enjoyable and comfortable.

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