Golden Rules For Recruitment- Top Tips For Business Owners

Golden Rules For Recruitment- Top Tips For Business Owners
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When you run a business, it is essential to have an outstanding team around you. If you are looking to expand and you’re on the hunt for new employees, here are some golden rules to follow. 

Outline clear objectives

Before you publish adverts or advertise vacancies, it’s beneficial to outline clear objectives and make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. Your job adverts should contain detailed information about the candidate requirements, including the level of experience and desired and essential skills. If you specify required training, qualifications or skills and provide information about the role, this will help you to narrow down the pool of applicants and avoid wasting time going through applications that don’t match the job description. 

Work with professional recruiters

Recruiting new members of staff takes time and effort. If you don’t have a huge amount of time available, and you’re eager to find the best candidates, it’s wise to consider working with a recruitment agency and using industry-specific websites or publications. Research recruitment companies, read reviews, meet with representatives and compare prices and services before you decide which agency to hire. Look for a company that has experience and a proven track record within your industry. Hiring a recruitment agency will free up time for essential tasks and ensure that the best candidates make it through to the interview stage. You can try the best websites for recruiters which can help in finding the best candidates.

Screening and checks

Many employers use reports and background checks, such as BS 7858 security screening to screen employees to ensure they are a suitable match for the role in question. If you are recruiting for positions that require specific checks, it’s beneficial to have procedures in place so that you can complete investigations and reports promptly and make sure that the candidates you want to hire fit the bill. 


Reading application forms and CVs and resumes can be beneficial for identifying top talent and eliminating candidates who don’t have the relevant skill set or experience, but you can’t really get to know people from reading a piece of paper or an online form. Interviews offer a brilliant opportunity to delve deeper and learn what makes individuals tick. As a business owner and team leader, it’s hugely beneficial to use interviews to get an insight into peoples’ character traits and their strengths and weaknesses. You want to employ candidates who have the relevant training and qualifications, but you also want to find employees who will fit into the team [with important recruitment metrics taken into consideration]. Personality can be key, especially in client-facing roles and companies that actively encourage collaborative work. Look for people who share the company values and will respect the ethos and culture of the brand.

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Recruiting new members of staff can be challenging, especially at a time when there is a global talent shortage. If you are looking to expand your team, it’s beneficial to outline clear objectives, work with reputable, professional recruiters, carry out screening checks and use interviews to get to know candidates. Take your time to make a decision and look for individuals who will be an asset to the team.

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