Gomovies 2020 – A Website To Download HD Movies

Gomovies 2020 - A Website To Download HD Movies
Gomovies 2020 - A Website To Download HD Movies

Movies and TV series have become the most used entertainment channels in recent days. So, if they are available for free, everyone is interested in downloading them. This is the reason why pirating websites are becoming more and more active. Gomovies is one such website that leaks pirated Bollywood and Hollywood movies to the internet. Piracy has been causing loss to the whole film industry. Even though piracy is banned in India and many other countries, illegal websites like Gomovies continue to survive and leak more and more movies over time.

About Gomovies and what’s unique about the website?

Gomovies is a website that releases Bollywood and Hollywood movies to the internet illegally. Users can easily download various genres of new as well as old movies from this site. Although actors, directors, and producers have been requesting the fans not to support such pirated sites, fans continue to use them.

Features like user-friendliness and the categorization of movies makes this site distinct and unique from other similar sites. On gomovies, one can easily search the movie by simply typing the name of the movie in the search bar. In addition to this, movies are categorized according to genre, the year of release and even according to country.

Some of the movies released by Gomovies

Gomovies has released movies, TV shows, and web series, both Hindi and English.

Some of the recent movies and web series leaked on this site are The lion king, 1917, parasite, Avengers, Game of thrones, Bala, Love aaj kal, Dabaang 3, and many more.

What are some alternative websites to Gomovies?

Even though piracy is highly opposed by the government and the film industry, pirating websites continue to exist. Other than Gomovies, some of the pirating websites are-

How do these piracy sites continue to exist?

You might wonder even after the ban on pirating websites, how do they continue to exist and leak more movies? It’s because they change their URL names frequently. For example, the URL names of Gomovies are changed from .com to .in, .uz, .pn and many more. This is the reason it has not been possible to put a complete ban on this kind of illegal websites.

Measures taken by the Indian Government to stop piracy

According to the Indian piracy law, pirating is not only illegal but a punishable crime. Leaking the movies on the internet before or after the release of the movies in the theatre, downloading the movies from pirated sites, and recording in the theatres fall into the category of piracy. A person committing any or all of these acts and a person supporting them will be held liable.

According to the Cinematograph act of 2019, people involved in pirating can be fined up to Rs 10 lakh and/or can face 2-3 years of imprisonment. Under the law of the Indian constitution, the punishment for a person caught in the act of piracy is up to six months of jail and/or a fine of Rs 50,000 to 2,00,000.

Bottom line

Although it is tempting to watch our favorite movies free of cost in the comfort of our homes, it is important to remember the consequences. Piracy is illegal and a punishable crime.

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