Google Career Certificate Programs: 100,000 Scholarships Announced

Google Career Certificate Programs- 100,000 Scholarships Announced

Google recently announced new certificate courses in user experience design, project management and data analytics.

These certificate courses are made and taught by the employees at Google. The duration of these courses is around 3-6 months and they are offered via Coursera which is an online learning platform. Google has also mentioned that it will consider google career certificates equivalent to a four-year degree at college.

Google has also announced recently that it will fund 100,000 scholarships that will be need-based. Individuals who will enrol in any of these courses will be eligible for the google 100,000 scholarships.

Google certificate programs:

There is three certificate program that you can get your hands on:

  • Data analytics:

According to Google, data analytics can earn around $66,000 annually. Their job revolves around analysing the data and then making data-driven suggestions to inform important business decisions. This google career certificate will provide an individual with all the tools required to navigate the data to process, visualise, gain insights and analyse from the data.

  • Project management

According to Google project management can earn about $93,000 annually. Their job revolves around overseeing and planning projects efficiently. According to google this certificate program will focus on the foundation of project management and offering intuitions in agile project management.

  • User Experience design

According to Google, a UX designer earns around $75000 annually. Their job revolves around creating an accessible, enjoyable and simple experience for the users. The google scholarships certificates give the foundation of the research and UX design, building low fidelity wireframe and designs, making high fidelity testing and prototypes.

These three google certificate scholarships follow the google IT certificate. Google IT certificates were launched in 2018.

More about google certificate programs:

Google has launched these certificates during a very crucial time when people across the world are struggling with unemployment due to the pandemic. Around ⅔ of all the Jobs created in the past decade require medium or high-level digital skills. This has posed a problem to many individuals and also to the long term economic security.

According to the Senior Vice President of Google’s global affairs, Kent Walker many American cannot reach out to college degrees besides, college degrees aren’t necessary for economic security. What is needed now is a more accessible job training solution. This could be online education or enhanced vocational programmes which will help Americans to rebuild and recover.

Google certificate programs will help individuals to gain important skills that are needed for a job. Google has also announced that it will create a hiring consortium for the certificate programme. In addition, it will also offer several apprenticeship opportunities that will provide on the job training to the young graduates.

To support this program, Google has also announced awarding around $10 million in job grants to YWCA, JFF and Npower. This will help the workforce boards as well as the non-profits to enhance the job training that they provide. This will also increase access to digital skills for veterans, underserved individuals and women of America.

The main aim of google just to make sure that technology helps the American economy to emerge from the ongoing crisis. These google certification scholarships would help Americans to equip skills that are needed to get a well-paying job.

According to the CEO of Coursera, Jeff Maggioncalda online education could be the safest and most effective ways that will help individuals to learn digital skills in the present situation.

How to apply for google certificate programs

Google certification scholarships are completely online job training that is designed in such a way that individuals can begin their career in UX designs, data analytics and project management.

The study schedule will be around 10 hours per week and the entire course will take around six months to complete. These certificate programs are created by Google in such a manner that they will give individuals foundational knowledge and skills that will help them to grow and succeed in their career paths.

These google career certificates are built and taught by Google employees. Anybody can pre-register for any of these programs at grow. google/certificates. You will then get notified once the course is launched. The best part of these career certifications is that there are no pre-requirements for enrollment. Anybody can apply for these courses.

As far as fees are concerned, since these certificate courses are hosted through Coursera one will have to pay their monthly charges. However, the good news is that there will be 100000 need-based google scholarships for online certificates that would cover all your costs. You can also sign up through Coursera to complete the online certificate program.


Google has launched these programs at a very crucial time when the world is struggling with COVID-19 and as many as 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits.

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