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Google Voice Service: Handle Incoming Calls Smartly

Google Voice Service: Handle Incoming Calls Smartly

Google Voice service now allows you to modify how it handles incoming calls. You may now set the app to redirect calls from individual or groups of contacts to a connected phone number or your voicemail starting today. One can also create a rule that plays personalised voicemail greetings for particular contacts. You may even instruct it to screen persons if you don’t want to take calls until they’re really required. This is going to be a great thing for the users. Now you can control who can bombard your voice mail. Finally it is going to be a refresher for the ones who just do not like to answer each and every call.

Google voice service offers smart benefits

The new choices, according to Google, allow users to route incoming calls in ways that match their current operations. Go to the Google Voice website and select the cog symbol near the top of the page to begin utilising the function. Then go to “Calls,” then “Choose a rule.” It’s worth noting that you can only access rules you’ve previously defined on the mobile app; you can’t create new ones – at least not yet. The best is still to come and Google has a lot to offer in the coming year.

Quick renewal to the oldest services

Despite the fact that Voice is one of Google’s oldest services, it has received only occasional attention from the search giant in recent years. Before today, the company’s most recent upgrade for Voice had disabled one of its most beneficial functions. This has led to speculation that Google would shut down Voice shortly, but today’s update suggests that the service is still alive and well.

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