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Google Will Stop Trying To Make Its IOS App Look Like Android

Google Will Stop Trying To Make Its IOS App Look Like Android

Are you in love with Google apps? Do you love to see how colourful your android device looks? Google has announced that it will not use the Material design interface now. The applications will have a completely new look. The looks of the android apps will not be the same as the IoS ones. 

Google has announced that it will phase out material design interface features in favour of Apple’s UIKit in its iOS apps. Although the announcement was made by the officials it is still not confirmed. Because Google is a big brand, this is going to be a good move. 

Although this is a good idea as now you will be able to see some fresh designs. Google will have something better for the users. The same old monotonous looks of the apps will get a new look. The users are excited after this announcement because of the new looks.

Material Design: The Biggest Power of Google Designs

Google put its open source iOS Material component libraries into maintenance mode early this year, according to Verkoeyen, after doing a “deep examination” of what it takes to provide a “hallmark” Google experience on iOS. It discovered that many of the bespoke features it began developing nearly a decade ago. 

Something Fresh from Google

It’s never been easier to design a terrific branded experience with a minimal amount of code than it is now.  thanks to SwiftUI and considerable UIKit advancements in iOS 14+.

Quick-Shift in the Interface

Verkoeyen anticipates that by switching to UIKit, his team will spend less time writing bespoke code, resulting in faster and more frequent releases. Furthermore, the adoption of UIKit should allow the company to integrate its products more tightly with iOS. 

The android phones will have a new look. This will also increase the sales of the products. The size of the apps will also reduce. Stay connected with us for more updates. 

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