Google: Youtube TV Finally Supports Picture-In-Picture On iOS

Google: Youtube TV Finally Supports Picture-In-Picture On iOS

Google has begun pushing out a new update to its iOS YouTube TV app; that enables picture-in-picture capability for iPhone and iPad users. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view something in PiP mode. The movie will then resize and travel across the screen of your device. Google recognized that today’s upgrade was long overdue. 

A Lot More Pictures Coming Up In Google

Google told MacRumors in February that it’s still aiming to introduce PiP for all users in the US who don’t have a YouTube Premium membership; but that they have no additional developments to disclose at this time.

What All The Experts Have To Say?

“We appreciate your patience as we worked to enable this important functionality for your iOS 15+ devices,” Apple wrote on Twitter. To put the wait in perspective, picture-in-picture capability has been available on the iPad since iOS 13 and on the iPhone since iOS 14. Furthermore, the functionality has been available since last year through the company’s primary YouTube app.

Google: Youtube TV Finally Supports Picture-In-Picture On iOS

Google Still Not Passed The Picture In Picture On iOS.

However, we’re still waiting for Google to make picture-in-picture available to all users of the primary YouTube app on iOS; regardless of whether or not they have a YouTube Premium membership. If you have Premium membership, that function is now in testing, and YouTube’s Labs website says you may try it out until April 8th. Stay connected with us, and we will keep you updated on the latest news about the same. 


On Wednesday, 30th March, Google spokeswoman Allison Toh told The Verge that the firm is still testing picture-in-picture on iOS with Premium members. They expect to make it accessible to all iOS users in the US (Premium and non-Premium) in the coming months. This is one update all iOS users have been waiting for!

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