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Grabien Suspended For Quoting Congressmen On Twitter

Grabien Suspended For Quoting Congressmen On Twitter

Grabien, a media organisation, was banned from Twitter on Friday after it posted a remark from a US politician. Grabien founder Tom Elliott tweeted on Friday that his firm, Grabien Media, has been banned from Twitter for repeating Rep. Andy Biggs’ statements on COVID-19 treatments. The offending tweet said, “Rep. Biggs: Big Pharma Won’t Consider Therapeutics Like HCQ or Ivermectin Because of Economic Interests. They also included a link to a video of Biggs’ statements.


Grabien’s Twitter account was suspended for “violating the prohibition on distributing inaccurate and potentially damaging information linked to COVID-19,” according to a notice from Twitter.

Elliott dubbed the punishment “next-level Twitter insanity,” comparing it to other dubious penalties he’d seen in the past.

“Obviously, citing an elected leader on an issue that affects everyone, regardless of whether you agree, is significant and newsworthy in this circumstance,” Elliott said. “I can’t help but remind out that his fundamental idea was previously popular among progressives.”

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Last month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey quit and was replaced by long-time Twitter employee Parag Agrawal.

Last year, Agrawal said in an interview with the MIT Technology Review, “Speech is simple on the internet, which is one of the developments we witness now. The majority of people are able to communicate. Who can be heard is an area where our involvement is highlighted. Today’s precious resource is attention. There’s a lot of information available. There are a lot of tweets out there, and while not all of them get attention, a subset of them do.”

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