Have You Hacked Your Own System Yet?

Have You Hacked Your Own System Yet?
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Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for all businesses today. Did you know that there is one cyber attack every 39 seconds? 

No matter whether you run a small local coffee shop or a large corporation providing the cheapest hosting services, an effective cybersecurity strategy, which is regularly updated, is a necessity. 

One critical part of this involves penetration testing. Below, we will explain what this is and why it is so important. So, let’s take a look. 

Understanding penetration testing

Also referred to as a pen test, a penetration test is a simulated cyber attack made against your own computer system to search for vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. 

Penetration testing services can involve trying to breach a number of different application systems, from frontend/backend servers to application protocol interfaces (APIs), to try and find any vulnerabilities, such as unsanitized inputs that may be sensitive to code injection attacks. 

The insights that are provided as a result of the penetration test can be used so that you can fine-tune your cyber defense, ensuring you’re not leaving your company-wide open to an attack.

Identify and prioritize risks

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that frequent pen tests enable you to assess external, internal, and web application security.

You will also be able to understand the security controls that are needed to provide your people and assets with the protection they need. 

You can use this information to anticipate risks and prioritize security changes within your organization so you can stop malicious attacks from happening. 

Stop hackers from getting into your system

Pen tests represent a proactive step in assessing your real-world approach to infrastructure security. The process is designed to uncover any holes in your security efforts, giving you the ability to rectify them before a genuine attack unfolds. 

Comply with industry regulations 

Another reason why penetration testing services are critical is that it helps with addressing security and compliance obligations that are mandated by industry regulations and standards like ISO 27001, FISMA, HIPAA, and PCI.

Performing these tests regularly helps to show your dedication and diligence with regard to information security, helping you to avoid hefty fines linked with non-compliance.

Benefit from a third-party expert opinion

If you have identified a problem with an employee within your business, your management may not be inclined to act or react.

However, a report from one of the available third-party penetration testing companies will often have a larger impact on your management. It can also lead to additional funds being allocated to deal with any issues. 

Ensure business continuity  

Finally, business continuity is something we are all striving for, and network availability is required to achieve this. Every disruption will have a negative impact on your business. 

However, pen testing can ensure you do not experience unexpected loss of accessibility or downtime, which helps to ensure continuity. 

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