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Here’s What’s Changed in the iPhone 14 Pros

Here’s What’s Changed in the iPhone 14 Pros

There are visible changes in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max when compared to their predecessors. It’s time to get a grip on the changes, understand the new cool features, and tap into the general sentiment regarding Apple’s latest launches. 

The Dynamic Island

Yes, that’s what Apple is calling the pill-shaped hole where the rectangular notch accommodating the front cameras used to be. The most significant physical change in the latest model is the hole instead of the notch. Apple has taken its sweet time entering the ranks of all-screen phones but they’ve done it a little differently.

The dynamic island does more than just house the cameras and appear as a black patch on the screen while you watch a video in the full-screen mode. Apple has introduced cute little animations to make it look more useful. For instance, when you swipe an app to the background, the island expands ever so slightly and shows the app icon.

The AoD Feature

AoD stands for Always on Display. This means that your iPhone shows you the entire lock screen with actual notifications and widgets even when it is sitting idle. To some users it is an upgrade, for some, it’s a privacy hazard. You have the option to switch it off from the display settings.    

E-sim only

The iPhone 14 models in the USA will not support physical sims. The phone has shed the sim card trays for good. As one can imagine, this change has received mixed responses. While a digital sim means a more seamless experience when you are traveling abroad, it also means you might have fewer choices in terms of telecom providers. 

Satellite-powered SOS

iPhone 14s come with a satellite connection. This means, that even when you are not connected to a cellular or WiFi network, your phone can use the satellite network to send an emergency message. It also has a crash detection feature that may come really handy under unfortunate circumstances.

These aside, the iPhone 14 is a hair shorter and 2 grams heavier than the iPhone 13. The cameras are better on paper but the customer feedback doesn’t reflect that so far. A lot went under the hood to materialize the current changes but as far as the immediate, surface-level experience is concerned the impact of the changes may not satisfy eager customers. Nevertheless, kudos to the team for the emergency features and for keeping the battery usage in check despite the AoD feature. 


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