Homeschooling And The Impact On Public Education

Homeschooling And The Impact On Public Education

Having healthy kids is every parent’s priority. Homeschooling has become a trend in recent times, but it has pros and cons. This article considers its impact.

Remote working has changed, perhaps forever, the way companies and employees work together. In the same way, homeschooling has started to create a shift in how public education is approached. 

From planning your day to creating kids’ meals, there are positives to the hybrid model that combines homeschooling with public school. This article considers the impact of homeschooling and the potential future impacts on public education in the US. 

Homeschooling and traditional schooling in silos

At present, both are considered separately. If restrictions make homeschooling a necessity, then it happens. When the conditions are right, children return to school. There does not seem to be a middle ground between the two. 

Yet even before the pandemic, there was some discussion on creating hybrid schooling environments for children. The hybrid model provides options for parents uncertain about sending children back to school before the pandemic is truly under control. There are undoubtedly some pros and cons. However, blending the two environments can potentially combine the best of both worlds. 

Creating a positive homeschool environment

One of the main aspects of successful homeschooling is to create structure and routine, especially for picky eaters. This includes everything from different subjects to planning homeschool lunch kids’ meals

Homeschooling also gives parents the ability to integrate different types of education into their child’s curriculum. One example of this is the opportunity this gives families from minority backgrounds to learn about their unique cultural history. 

Homeschooling is also more individualized to suit the way each child learns best. Similarly, it is also possible to focus more on the child’s weak subjects. A whole morning can be dedicated to math, for example, instead of fitting in everything to suit a bigger class. 

By mixing digital, paper, and practical tasks, creating lots of variety at home is possible. Even from a dietary perspective, homeschooling enables parents with fussy eaters to manage their children’s nutrition impossibly with school meals.

Pitfalls to look out for 

There are adjustments to be made for homeschoolers. Keeping children focused on schoolwork can be tricky with toys, siblings, and other distractions around. 

Keeping a good balance of exercise and diet is also important at home. Healthy kids are much better equipped to learn effectively. 

Parents should also be sure to factor in the costs of homeschooling. These are mostly financial, but also consider the impact on other siblings and your own work-life balance. Considering individual learning levels is particularly important with children of different ages or abilities. 

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