How A BOM Tool Could Transform Your Business For The Better

How A BOM Tool Could Transform Your Business For The Better

As an SME, you’re used to facing a whole range of daily challenges. From sales and marketing effectiveness to funding and financial asset management, difficulty with record keeping and attracting the right talent to your growing business. With all these issues to manage, it’s difficult to find ways to propel your business forward and reach your business goals within your projected timeframe.

If you’re an OEM, you’ll be aware of the additional challenges facing you in this competitive industry, but did you know that using a BOM tool and updating your procurement process could effectively change your business for the better? Read on to find out more.

All the parts you need in one place

As an SME, you may not have procurement teams or personnel to help you source the parts you need. If so, then you’ll understand how time consuming and difficult it can be to find the electronic components you need, quickly. Time is always of the essence within this demanding industry and having access to parts, like this multifunction peripheral semiconductor, with just a few clicks will streamline your sourcing strategy and keep your production line moving.

At you’ll have access to over 550 million electronic parts and components, and when you upload your bill of materials to their BOM tool, you’ll be able to find what you need within seconds. No more scouring catalogues and making endless phone calls to unhelpful suppliers, just one online marketplace and everything you need in one place.

Save money by selecting your criteria

Using the BOM tool at means you’ll be able to compare prices for the parts you need across 3000 vendors. You’ll be able to focus your search on the price you want by setting your price and by using real time data, you’ll also have access to the very best offers from their fully vetted and respected vendors. When you save money on your electronic component parts, you can invest those savings straight back into your business, giving you the opportunity to expand and offer more services than you originally planned.

Schedule your deliveries

Not knowing when your electronic component parts are arriving is poor management. And if you’re currently working with unreliable vendors then this could be a reality. Deliveries that are late or those that don’t turn up at all not only drain your finances but also waste other valuable resources, and ultimately impact your relationship with your clients. By using a BOM tool, you can transform the way you schedule deliveries and ensure your production line is always moving. You can schedule deliveries at times that suit you and be unfazed by multi delivery options. It’s this kind of tool that won’t just help you stand apart from your competitors but leave them in the dust!

Final thoughts…

As an SME, having the right tools on your side can help propel your business forward and give you the healthy bottom line you need to succeed. Head to and download their free BOM tool now, to get started.

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