How Does Transcribing Interviews Help You Reach New Audiences?

How Does Transcribing Interviews Help You Reach New Audiences?

As your teams conduct more interviews with industry thought leaders, sales teams, and successful niche-specific business owners, the need for professional transcription services grows. It is true that interviews give first-hand data, but they aren’t as in high demand as text content. In fact, most prospects would rather read a 10-minute text instead of listening to an 8-minute interview. Audio and video interviews can be straining and extracting crucial data from these materials is time-consuming.

Transcribing Interviews: Is It Worth It?

Some people might love listening to podcasts and audio interviews but not as much as they enjoy reading text content. Written work is in demand, and search engines value them more than podcasts and audio interviews combined. Not transcribing your interviews means you’ll miss text content’s SEO and engagement benefits. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do that, which is why you must get your interviews transcribed by a professional transcriptionist.

Better Accessibility

We can’t ignore the storytelling element of recorded podcasts and interviews, but they aren’t as accessible as text content. Search the internet today with a preferred keyword and compare the top ten SERP entries to see if they are links to videos, audio, or texts. Naturally, most of the links appearing on your first search page will lead to text content.

Besides, audio interviews don’t address the accessibility needs of non-native English speakers and those with hearing problems. That limits the number of people who benefit from every interview you post on your social media or website. So, what’s the solution? Get a high-quality transcript of an interview and watch more people access your video or audio files. The engagement rates of your content will undoubtedly increase.

Improved SEO

Search engines prefer text to video and audio. They tend to index text more than they index other forms of content. Search bots don’t have the intelligence to listen to audio but rather can only crawl the metadata. So, they can’t access and gauge the information contained in audio and video files to properly index them for search engines. For this reason, sharing audio interviews on their own may never give you the search engine optimization benefits you crave.

On the other hand, transcribed interviews feature keyword-rich content coupled with many search phrases. Transcribers create SEO-optimized text from the audio interviews, ensuring that people searching for relevant keywords will find your content. Additionally, because search engines love text and index it better, they will rank your content higher on search pages.

Repurposed Content for New Audiences

Podcasts are naturally optimized for a particular group. Yes, when a podcaster conducts an interview, they target specific people who are interested in the topic or have subscribed to the channel. Many podcasters convert audio interviews into videos by adding graphics and visual features.

However, that does not mean they have reached all their possible audiences. Converting the interviews into high-quality and SEO-optimized transcripts could go a long way in helping a business build a new following. A company can use its transcripts to improve email marketing campaigns by sharing newsletters or making the transcripts available as free guides.

Shareable Content for Social Media

Social media platforms have stood out as supreme tools for anyone taking the digital marketing route. Social media reaches a global audience, with millions of people accessing their accounts daily. The easy way to connect and stay engaged with these prospects is by sharing quality content regularly.

Unfortunately, audio interviews don’t give you such exceptional privileges. If you must keep your social media marketing campaigns live and successful, you must get transcripts of your audio interviews. Transcripts are easier to share, and more people will access and read them than audio pieces.


It’s now time you tapped into the multiple benefits of using the services of transcription companies. The outburst of transcription services has provided podcasters and businesses with a new opportunity to make their content more relevant to a global audience. Business interviews can reach a wider audience, irrespective of their native languages or situational limitations. With high-quality transcripts, you can make your interviews accessible on varied digital marketing platforms, be it email, social media, or even search engines. Interviews with transcripts convert more and drive better engagement.

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