How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

It takes quite a while to build a high-quality website, but it is more than worth the time and effort you will put into it. Many people want to rush the process and end up doing a poor job. They end up with websites that do not drive little traffic and are not able to promote products or services like with a Canberra web developer.

There are several issues that affect how long before the website can be fully launched.

Start Time

A good web developer will probably be booked so you may have delays from the time you hire the developer until work is actually begun on your site.

Some people who want to build a website and need to hire a developer or designer will try to rush the process and end up getting fewer replies from them. A simpler way to share your needs is to let the developer explain how and in what time period they can get your site up and running. You can then choose from several options, including their recommended approach, previous work efficiency, time, and expense.

It is far better to take your time on the website than to rush it and end up having to make costly and time-consuming changes that cause you to miss important deadlines.

Review Period

Most developers have a fairly good idea of the time it takes to build a website. They have an understanding of the general process involved and can give a rough estimate of how long it will take before you can review your site. You need to catalog your website’s needs and make certain that they are communicated in a way that allows the developer to create a site based on those needs.

It may take a few weeks just to fully flesh out what your website should look and feel like, and the optics it should display. It should then take about 8 more weeks to first design your website, then develop it. Finally, it could take another week or two to perfect and streamline it. But do not rush this phase. You may run into a snag or two that could seriously alter your website and how it functions.

Launch Time

This may be the most important factor of the three. How long it takes to launch has much to do with how well you have planned the entire process of building a website. In addition to reviewing your site, you will need to make some adjustments and finalize the editing.

The biggest thing you can do to get your site launched as expeditiously as possible is to have all content developed and ready to go while the web developer is taking your site through the design stages. Prepare for every contingency. Carve out a specific time to go over the website design with your developer/designer. Make sure you have completed all content that is to go into the website.

So, a well-developed website will take between 12 and 14 weeks. This includes the start time, actual build/design, the review period, including the perfecting period, and the launch.

But remember, you will want to allow extra time to select your web developer and give them time to actually start working on your website.

Knowing How long it takes to build a website is one thing; knowing what features make your website stand out is another. A proper website design will integrate the following key elements to make it prominent.

The Layout of Your Site

An eye-catching design grabs the attention of people and makes them visit your site. This feature is critical; you need to ensure that it is attractive enough for them not to look elsewhere when they land on your page.

The Images in the Website

Images give an excellent color expression, which can help visitors better understand what they are visiting.


Content is the type of information you want visitors to get from your website. The content should be informative and accurate enough for people to read it again and again.

And finally, the video presentation. Video helps you deliver your message more uniquely. It can be beneficial because it gives people an idea of what to expect when they visit your website.

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