How Much uShip Shipping Costs

How Much uShip Shipping Costs

As an online marketplace, uShip provides services to people who want or need to have things shipped and pairs them with drivers willing to move your stuff. You can send everything from cars to animals to large items like pianos. It’s perfect for both long distances and moving within local areas.

Services uShip Provides

When it comes to transporting items, uShip makes it possible for you to transport various items if a truck driver has the space available. They will help you ship all sorts of vehicles, from cars to boats and recreational vehicles to trailers.

You can also ship household furniture and appliances. Depending on the size of your house or apartment, you may be able to ship the contents of your entire home. Even farm equipment can be shipped with uShip, and so can large animals like livestock.

The reason you can ship pretty much anything with uShip is that you’re working directly with the driver. If you can find a truck driver willing to ship your contents, that is something to work out directly with them. Car shipping costs are also worked out with the selected truck driver.

GPS tracking is also used when you go with uShip. You can do it online or through the mobile app and see notifications as your shipment moves along the route. To follow your driver, always verify that they are willing to share their location first because if they don’t have it on, then you won’t be able to track them. As a bonus, with the app, you can communicate with your truck driver and make payments directly upon delivery.

You’ll be happy to know that uShip also provides cargo insurance as part of the deal. You can purchase it directly through them when you book. Even if you don’t buy extra insurance, they guarantee to pay as much as $500 if your shipment gets damaged.

Getting uShip Quotes

Quotes with uShip are different from your typical shipping companies because it doesn’t function the same way. You post what you need to be shipped, the destination, and the amount you want to pay. You’ll get a free estimate from uShip, but you don’t need to go with that estimate, and you can select to pay a different amount.

You can also choose to receive bids on your shipment. Carriers can select the price they would like to receive for your shipment, and you decide whether to accept. You’re also responsible for paying a fee when you book a shipment. Prices are based on what you’re shipping, so they can change depending on what you’re sending, but before making payment, you’ll know how much the fees are at checkout.

To find available options, you’ll enter your pick-up and drop-off locations to begin finding a truck driver that is willing to move your stuff. You’ll need to have an estimated weight and as much information as you can about your shipment to get the estimate for your shipment.

uShip Is Legitimate and Safe

Rest assured knowing that uShip is a completely legitimate company that has been around for a while. You get around using a middleman and work directly with businesses and truck drivers to get your items moved. 

Looking at uShip’s track record, instances of damages or loss using uShip do not happen often. If something were to happen, they’d pay out according to the insurance you choose. You can get a deductible of around $50, and if you experience loss or damage, you’ll have to file a claim in five days or less.

Read uShip reviews to see how well the platform has worked for people who needed to ship chairs, motorcycles, and even a pontoon boat. One after another, you see people praising how well uShip worked for them and their shipment, in addition to how reasonable the costs were.

A Few Final Thoughts on uShip Shipping Costs

Because of the way the platform is set up, it’s difficult to say just how much shipping will cost. To get a good idea of specific details, you would have to enter the information necessary to estimate what you can expect. Once that happens, you can leave the shipment open to bids from truck drivers to select the one you want. Remember to read reviews so you’ll feel comfortable working on the uShip platform if you decide to move forward.

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