How RASP Is Protecting Mobile Applications?

How RASP Is Protecting Mobile Applications?
How RASP Is Protecting Mobile Applications?

Due to the increased use of smartphones, various types of apps are also in high demand these days. Apps make it easy for the users to complete a task. They are user friendly and easy to operate. Hence in every segment people prefer to go for the app. Getting the best app is useful to people who operate business. One can find options in the world of app also and therefore users prefer to go for them regularly. Many apps are flooding the market with different services. However, not many of them are built to last in this competitive world. There are many attackers who take hold of security vulnerabilities in apps and use them for cyber crimes. It can be as simple as gathering user behavior data or something bigger like siphoning money from bank accounts. If you are in the business of developing apps or own a business that needs an app, you need to understand RASP. This is a big innovation in mobile security and it is called Runtime Application Self Protection. It keeps your app safe from attackers by constantly monitoring the activities in real time.

Why do security applications fail in some cases?

Security apps are much needed for users of any type of app. Most of the apps are highly reliable and therefore people prefer to go for the apps regularly. In some cases a security app also gets fail and it can be a tough time for the user. One needs to check the efficiency of app while going for security of the device but it can be troublesome when the app fails. There are many reasons why security applications fail in some cases. To begin with, most developers do not understand the complicated nature of threats that can come in a real time environment. They usually prepare the app for basic level security features that will not be enough in the real environment. Apart from that, most developers do not take a proactive approach when it comes to fighting security threats. They usually react when they notice a hacking attempt on the app. However, it can be too late in some cases before the symptoms show and the damage may have already occurred to the app.

How RASP is different from regular security applications?

Unlike other security applications or software, the RASP stays within the application and it can work without your efforts. It is programmed in such a way that it neutralizes vulnerabilities as soon as they are detected in the apps. They are created in a way that can offer enhance securities to the app.

The attacks in recent years have become very complex and it is almost impossible to spot every threat by manual checking. Also the complex nature of application development makes it difficult to track every bit of traffic that comes into the app. In this situation, there is a need for a security software that can work on its own. RASP comes to your rescue in this situation as it blocks all threats in real time without your intervention.

How does it work?

The security of the device is a serious concern for every user who prefers to carry out the tasks in routine life. When you take into consideration a normal firewall security, it blocks all suspicious traffic to the app. However, it cannot detect the threat that has already crept into the application through malicious means. In this situation, there is nothing much a firewall can do to protect your app. You will need real time monitoring security solutions to counter advanced threats.

RASP has its advantages in the sense that it stays within the app along with your regular code written for the smooth functioning of the app. It monitors all the activity that is coming into the app all the way to the server. Whenever it notices any suspicious activity, the protection mechanism is activated without interrupting the performance of the app. In simple terms, when something fishy is noticed, it can simply terminate the session of the user and ask them to login once again from a secured location. In other cases, it can even handle complex threats that can impact the source code of the application.

Advantages of using RASP

There are several advantages of implementing RASP in your apps. To begin with, you need to understand that they are drastically different from the regular security programs used in various apps. The RASP resides inside the app and makes it secure without impacting the performance of the app.

It is cost effective when compared to manually securing the apps. Apart from that, it is also far more secure when compared to the traditional firewall applications.

As the RASP stays inside the app, it is easy for the application to monitor the threats closely and this means that false positives are limited to a large extent.

The biggest advantage of using this technology is that it can work perfectly even in a cloud environment. These days, every application and software runs on cloud in order to provide fast and effective service to customers. While this has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages in the sense that securing the data in every location becomes a difficult task. This is where RASP helps you to monitor every bit of data in real time and make suitable corrections whenever any threat is noticed in the system.

It can also be scaled according to your requirement. You can discuss your runtime application self protection needs with the service providers and get the suitable plan for your app. Depending on the traffic you get to your app and other factors, you can choose the suitable security plan that offers complete security in real time for your apps.

For this reason,  you should always get in touch with professionals who can provide the best services for runtime application self protection applications. In this manner, it becomes easy to keep your apps safe from hacking attempts.

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