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How Social Media Will Help to Gain SEO Results In 2019?



How Social Media Will Help to Gain SEO Results In 2019?

Social media has grown way above a mere mode of leisure and entertainment. Today, social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram are very powerful modes of business growth. Companies spend thousands of dollars on social media marketing because these days, it is the fastest and strongest way to get the attention of audience. You may rarely find someone who does not have a Facebook account and does not check it multiple times every day. In other words, it can be said that social media is a very strong mode to develop the business image of a company.

Relationship between social media and SEO

Social Media and SEO rankings have a directly proportional relationship between them. Consider that a company is very active on social media platforms. It has a Facebook page with thousands of followers and active readers. This is obviously only possible if the page has regularly updated content, product videos and info graphics. Assessment of social media traffic is important. It will help you to figure out how much you are getting backlinks from your official social media pages.

  • If a company has a well-developed successful Facebook page with a good count of followers, people would like to know what its services are. This is when the audience would be redirected from the Facebook page to the company website. When all these visitors would view the company website, the chances of getting successful conversions would increase. In other words, if you are looking for good potential buyers, a strong social media presence would be of great help.
  • What do most buyers do when they are selecting a brand to buy something? The first thing they do is go through the Facebook page or Instagram account of the brand. If these platforms are not good enough, there are lesser chances that the visitors would make the effort to visit the company website. Hence, to get a good customer count, you need to make sure that your social media accounts provide interesting content including photographs, videos and info graphics to the user. These are good methods to get the attention of the targeted audience.

Here is how you can use social media to get ranked high on SEO rankings.

  1. A high follower count means more sales

Why do you need visitors on your page? The simple answer is that a good visitor count means more chances of getting business. However, if you study the present buying pattern of people, they make their decisions on social media presences. If a company offers quality products but is not active on social media, it has lesser chances of getting visitors. Even Google highly considers the social media existence of a company before ranking it.

  • The general buying pattern of people is that they view the Facebook Page, Twitter account and Instagram account of a company before they construct an opinion. If a company has more followers, it is much easier to get new customers because this large follower count would convince them. No one likes to put their money at risk. If you are looking for serious buyers and better SEO results, your social media status matters immensely.
  • If you want social media to contribute as a key constituent for improving the SEO rank you need to pay regular attention to your social media accounts. It is important to understand that growing as a brand through likes is a gradual process and only organic traffic should be used for this purpose. A lot of companies purchase proxy likes to bypass this phase of struggle. However, Google and other search engines have smart algorithms which differentiate easily between proxy likes and actual likes.
  • You need to make the visitor feel that you care for him. This is done by retaining his interest. For instance, add fresh posts on social media accounts. You can also consider the reading interests that a particular visitor has. If has liked a particular post or given a positive feedback through a comment, you would get a clear idea of the preferences he has. You need to remember that these days, buyers give a lot of importance to the presence that a company has on social media. Hence, to grow at a good pace in terms of search engine ranks, make sure that your brand has a good number of followers. In most cases, regular followers turn into potential purchasers.
  1. Using social media posts for search optimization purposes

Google and other search engines rate social media posts in a higher way. Thus, when you search for information using a particular phrase, you would see a Facebook link among the top ranks. However, it all depends on the calibre of the post. You cannot expect substandard information to acquire a high rank.

  • To get a social media post ranked high on search engine ranks, there are few things which you need to take care of. For instance, include a video or info graphic in the beginning. It is a fact that content quality matters but to convince the user to click the link, a video or snapshot can make a lot of difference. Once the visitor ends up on your page and the content is attention catching, he would surely spend time on it and go through what you have written.
  • These days, social media pages get ranked high easily if they have quality content. You need to keep in mind what the reader wants to read. Explore his interest areas and then provide him with related content. If you use your social media accounts in an effective manner with the right guidelines, getting a good SEO would not be a problem for you.
  1. Improve the overall brand image

People are conscious about the reputation of every brand they choose. Whether it is buying a pair of headphones or a digital camera, users tend to check the popularity of the brand before they spend money.

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Improving the overall image of the brand on social media stages surely helps in better SEO ranks. An example would provide better understanding. Consider that you have a brand offering furniture that has been recently launched. If people know about your brand, they would search for it on search engines. If the brand is new, certain steps have to be performed in advance. Create a strong online presence of the brand on social media channels including Facebook and Instagram.

  • Is simply creating a Facebook Page enough? The answer to this question is no. The content of the page would decide its success. Pay attention to the written content, photographs, videos, info graphics and other related areas. People are more inclined to view photographs and videos as this requires less time. Even the best written content is hard to read if stretches over three to four paragraphs.
  • Keep the customer informed about what you have been planning and thinking. For instance, if the company is organizing a promotional even for product promotion, publish a related photograph on social media. It is quite easy to get customers if your services are marketed well on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • The brand reputation is a critical factor. If people do not know what your brand is, why would they even bother to see what you are offering? Be specific about your services. People are mostly attracted towards brands when there is a price decline through promotional sales. Most new brands use this strategy to get customers. If you want your brand to get noticed in quick time, promote your sales and other business ventures through social media. Once you start getting visitors on your social media existences, people would start visiting your website directly. You can provide a back link to your landing page / home page on the social media page.
  1. Using social media for local SEO

A lot of companies do not operate on a global scale and they need exposure in a certain country / location only. This is where you can use social media tools for local SEO. The content on Facebook pages and other related platforms should be centred towards the targeted location.

  • Consider that you sell hats and your targeted audience is Texas. In this case, you need to focus on keywords and video titles that highlight Texas as the key location. For instance, someone living in Texas and interested in buying hats would search “best hats in Texas” or “economically priced hats in Texas”. Similarly, if you are creating a Facebook page, use phrases and keywords that emphasize on local SEO.


When you talk about social media as a tool for improving SEO, some simple tips can actually deliver optimum results for you.

  • The content on social media platforms makes the difference. Simply overstuffing the page with text does not work well. People are more attracted towards visual modes including videos, photographs and GIF images. The readability increases if the content is backed by visual sources.
  • Some preventive measures have to be taken so that website ranks do not suffer. For instance, as it is mentioned above, improving SEO ranks requires time. Do not adopt illegitimate methods like using proxy likes or comments. Search engines do check the credibility of visitors before ranking a website.

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