How To Ask For Feedback In The Right Way

How to ask for feedback in the right way

You need both positive and negative criticism, opinions, and suggestions to achieve greater success in everything you do. The more feedback you can collect, the more easily you can improve your business and learn about your shortcomings. Thus, you can develop and change your products or services as your customers want.

You can create feedback surveys on many different topics, but one of the most used survey types is customer feedback, and the other is employee feedback. The main purpose of these surveys is usually to measure satisfaction. In this article, you will learn the importance of receiving feedback, in which situations you can use it, and tips for effective feedback.

Why do you need feedback?  

Many companies need their opinions to provide better service to their customers. Constructive feedback will be more helpful in this section because they allow companies to improve their services. And this creates a win-win situation for both customers and companies. In addition, gathering customer feedback will help you to gain new perspectives about your industry. 

In addition to these, there are also companies that give importance to collecting employee feedback, which is also directly related to the company’s success. If the positive opinions of the employees about the company increase, their loyalty to the company and their willingness to work also increase. For this reason, It will be beneficial for your company to take your employees’ ideas and take steps to make them happy.

How to ask for feedback in the right way

When should you ask for feedback?

Do you know in which situations you should prepare feedback surveys? In fact, there is no definite answer to this; you can ask your target audiences what you are wondering about any subject you want. However, there are some situations where using feedback surveys will bring more positive results. Some of them are:

  • Year-end reviews: It is quite necessary to find out what people thought of you during this year, what you did well, or what you lacked. It is one of the necessary feedback types to better prepare for the new year.
  • After introducing a product: After presenting your product or service to people, collecting feedback about them is one of the steps that will increase the quality. Also, this increases your chances of attracting potential customers who don’t know your product.
  • After doing a social event: Another situation that requires feedback from both customers and employees is after the event. They can inform you about the most liked and disliked aspects of the event through these surveys.
  • To gather opinions on a topic: It is one of the most important situations where you need to collect feedback. You can create this type of survey at certain intervals, such as once a month. The answers will help you broaden your thinking and generate ideas.

5 effective ways to collect feedback

How to ask for feedback in the right way

You may have some questions in your mind about how to collect and use this feedback. There are various ways to collect feedback, and they all have positive and negative aspects. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you best or to combine several methods.

1. Surveys and forms

Surveys and forms are one of the most known and preferred ways because it is very practical to create feedback forms thanks to online form builders. Many online form builders offer ready-made templates, so conducting surveys takes only minutes. Moreover, thanks to its advanced features, such as conditional logic calculator and customization, you can prepare professional surveys and forms that will attract respondents’ attention.

2. Comments on social media

Today, almost everyone knows the place and power of social media in daily life. Every user thinks their comments are valuable, and indeed they are. For this reason, users can express their appreciation or disapproval by commenting on social media. By saving these comments, you will get different opinions on varied topics.

3. Live chat answers

Live chats are also one of the areas where you can contact people and learn their ideas instantly. You can read complaints or compliments about your products and save them for later analysis. They are not preferred because they are not regular, but they are very reasonable for getting instant feedback.

4. Focus groups 

Focus groups are a method of feedback collection where you gather your target audience in a room and ask specific questions you want to learn. Although it provides good results because you are in one-to-one communication with people, it is also a laborious method for collecting customer feedback.

5. Emails 

Emails are among the most common ways many companies collect feedback. Mails can also be sent automatically, thanks to certain applications, which also reduces the workload on employees. For this reason, it is also a practical method, but collecting and organizing information from e-mails can be a bit annoying.

6 tips for collecting feedback in the right way 

Many people have tons of work to do during the day, and dealing with your feedback questions, can be extra tiring for them. So, there are some features that you should pay attention to while preparing your questions. Respondents will answer your questions thanks to the following tips without getting bored.

1. Choose your audience right

First of all, you need to know who you are addressing and the general characteristics of this audience. For example, if you create a feedback survey for the younger generation, you should keep the questions in your survey as interesting as possible. In addition, you should pre-determine the platforms where you will share these surveys according to the target audience. Social media, email, or websites are some of the options.

2. Set your purpose

Determining your purpose for collecting feedback in advance will lead you to results faster. Not only positive feedback but negative feedbacks also make great contributions to reaching your goal. Therefore, you should continue in accordance with your purpose of collecting feedback without hesitating about the consequences.

3. Keep survey questions short

Questions that are too long will have a bad effect on the appearance of your survey, and moreover, many people will think these questions are boring. That’s why asking the question you want to ask in the fastest and shortest way plays an important role in collecting more answers.

4. Add emojis and humor to questions

Creating a smile on the faces of the respondents is a positive feature both for your brand and for collecting feedback. For this reason, adding appropriate emojis or jokes to the questions will not make you lose anything. Moreover, it can also help you attract more people’s attention.

5. Use various question types

Many people can get bored with monotonous questions, so adding a variety of question types will make it easier for you to get better results. For example, open-ended questions, single selection, multiple selections, and star ratings are just a few of them. Preparing a questionnaire with all question types together will keep the respondent’s interest alive.

6. Analyze answers

One of the most important parts, of course, is to analyze your answers. Many online survey maker tools offer advanced statistics and analysis features, so you can measure customer experience and analyze the opinions of your loyal customers with the feedback you collect. In addition, you can prepare more comprehensive surveys in the future with the information you obtain.

Wrapping it up

To sum up, everything we say about a product or service is feedback, but using tools that can analyze them is the most critical point. Online survey makers are one of the best options in this regard because it is a very reasonable method in terms of price and performance. You can get a lot of data by sending the customer feedback surveys you have prepared to hundreds of thousands of people. So you can collect feedback and improve your business without wasting time.