How To Become A Successful Trader With IB Partnership Program

How To Become A Successful Trader With IB Partnership Program

Today, there are many opportunities for an investor to make money in the Forex market. One such option is to be an Introducing Broker through a quality IB Partnership Program. In this article we will see what an introducing broker program is, what are the most popular reward models in Forex affiliate programs, and what are the benefits of having an introducing broker program. You can make money online with the MTrading IB partnership program, allowing you to earn a passive income stream in addition to your main income. 

Income Options

To begin with, it is worth noting that an Introducing Broker is an intermediary between its partner and client; it can be both a legal entity and an individual. Any investor has the opportunity to use his or her knowledge not only for independent trading but also to provide services to other users. This affiliate earns commissions by working with a brokerage company to attract new clients in order to trade using the company’s platform.

The most common payment model for IB is discounted.

The principle of operation is that the commission grows depending on the number of transactions made.

Some platforms also use a one-time fee model. This means that as soon as a new trader registers and starts trading, IB receives a one-time payment.

Making money without your direct intervention is the goal of most investors. Passive income is the main advantage of the affiliate program. For example, in MTrading, you can choose one of three income generation models that suit you to get the most out of your activity.

You have the opportunity to receive a share of any income that the client you referred to received. Such a share can reach a commission of 60% depending on the number of traders you have attracted. Thus, by increasing customer traffic, you increase your passive income stream.

You can earn nominal value for the lot traded by the attracted client. The amount may increase depending on the level of the trading account. Profit increases along with the growth of sold lots, and of course, the growth in the number of attracted customers.

By directing traffic to the MTrading website and performing certain actions (such as registering, depositing funds, etc.), you can earn on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis. The number of CPA earnings will depend on the geographic location of the account in question.

According to your personal preferences, you can choose the right model and thus stimulate the growth of your income.

Benefits of the IB Partnership Program

After registering and attracting clients, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of all the necessary trading tools and premium trading conditions. You will have access to promotions, commodities, the best currencies, and more. The simplicity and intuitive convenience of the platform will provide you with the most relaxed trading experience.

That user experience (UX) is only enhanced by the complete absence of requotes and the availability of attractive spreads (starting from 0.0 pip spreads available to M.Pro members), allowing you and your clients to leverage the market to your advantage.

MTrading is equipped with modern software and the most advanced trading tools. The affiliate panel allows you to view both your activity on the platform and the activity of the clients you have referred to. This gives you unprecedented visibility into how your various sources of income are performing. The following can also be highlighted.

Copy trading service, which can be useful in a certain style of trading. The bottom line is that the choice of an experienced trader is duplicated on transactions on your account. Of course, you need to choose the option with the least risk for you and your business.

To analyze your mistakes, it is possible to keep a trading journal, which can provide you with both negative and positive statistics. This tool allows you to visually demonstrate the least profitable strategies.

An important point is the ability to purchase real-time charting services. This service is also provided by online trading platforms. For MT4 it is possible to conduct Forex operations directly from the trading charts.

The premium financial news channel provides the trader with the opportunity to timely take into account important economic data that affects the currency pairs and reduce the risks in trading.

The economic calendar includes data on inflation, employment, central bank meeting dates, gross domestic product, and other important indicators.

Volatility calculator. It determines historical volatility as it analyzes all received data on the exchange rates of a currency pair. This happens in real time, which gives the trader an understanding of the profitability of transactions and further prospects about a particular currency pair.

This non-exhaustive list of tools will provide you and your customers with a comfortable work experience for a steady income growth.

A Few More Details

If you are a professional investment player or a promising specialist in the field of trading, then with the IB affiliate program you can become an Introducing Broker and realize your full potential. It is also worth paying attention to the education of new customers that cannot be underestimated. Educational seminars and master classes are necessary for the development of the industry and for attracting new investors.

You should pay attention to marketing materials and coordinate your social media accounts to achieve maximum brand awareness. As a result, you will have more subscribers, more attracted customers, and more profit!

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