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How to Check Your Child’s Phone Secretly and Safely in 2022

How to Check Your Child’s Phone Secretly and Safely in 2022

Smartphones have made parenting harder than ever. Parents need to protect their kids from the harms that can come their way through their phones, and they’ve to do all that while facing severe opposition from their kids. Luckily, there’s an easy way out.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything from how to check your child’s phone to why you should do that. So, read on.

What You Should Check on Your Kid’s Smartphone?

If you’re wondering why should parents monitor their children’s phones, you’re not alone. Many parents think the same and use the phone monitoring app.

In fact, there are a lot of people who question the very concept – do parents have the right to look through your phone or not?

To put it bluntly, smartphones have done more harm than good. It has made accessing kids easier than ever for hackers, bullies, and even predators. The only way to stop it is to check everything your kid does on their phone.

While checking their phone, make sure to look into their:

  • Chats on all social media apps. When we say all, we mean it. From Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to Snapchat and Instagram, don’t miss out on anything.
  • Internet browsing history to see what sites they have been accessing lately.
  • Screen time to see if they’ve been missing out on their homework due to their phone.
  • Contact list, location history, and installed apps and games.

How to Check Your Child’s Phone With eyeZy?

Like all other kids out there, your kid, too, would probably not trust you with their smartphone, right? Thankfully, there’s something you can do.

Now that we’ve settled the basic question of should parents look through their child’s phone or not let’s delve deep into the actual way of doing that.

EyeZy tracking app is by far the most effective way to check your kid’s cell phone without them even knowing.

For parents who are new to the concept, a tracking/spy app is kind of spyware (software application) that you install on your kid’s phone. Once installed, it works silently and tracks each and everything your kid does on their phone.

The reason we’re recommending eyeZy for monitoring a teenager’s cell phone is that it’s a safe, effective, and user-friendly option. eyeZy offers a plethora of features that parents might find useful, such as:

  • Social media tracker – to track Kik, Snapchat, LINE, Instagram, and every other social media app kids use these days.
  • GPS location tracker – to see if the kids have been around in any suspicious place or if they’re not skipping school.
  • Browsing history tacker – to see if they have been accessing porn/ gambling/ dating sites.
  • Installed apps tracker – to see all installed apps, along with their usage time.
  • Keylogger tracker – to see which words they write frequently and to get notified if they look for any banned substances.
  • And more…

What Other Methods You Can Use?

Should parents check their child’s phone? Yes! Should they use eyeZy? Yes, again! But is that the only way to do so? No!

Many internet users who face similar problems with their kids have suggested a few other ways to spy on your kids. After doing our research, we have found that these two methods – despite having their cons – can somewhat do the job as well.

Using iCloud (for iPhones)

Follow these steps:

  1. Access your kid’s phone. Go to Settings > iCloud. Use their Apple ID and password to log into their iCloud account.
  2. Once you have signed in, click on iCloud Backup, and tap on Back Up Now.
  3. Now visit the from a browser on your computer and use the Apple ID and password to sign in.
  4. You will find all types of backup files in the main dashboard.

You can now spy on your kid’s phone data by scrolling through the backup files anytime you want through your computer.


  • It is free of cost.


  • You need your kid’s iOS credentials (Apple ID and password).
  • You can’t access everything your kid does on their phone. You can just find a bunch of files, at best.
  • It can be complicated for some users.
  • It can be difficult and time-consuming to scan the backup files and access the data of your interest.

Using Android Device Manager (for Android Phones)

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to a web browser and visit this site:
  2. Enter the username and password of your kid’s Google Account

You can now see your kid’s location on a map.


  • It is free of cost.


  • You need your kid’s Google ID and password.
  • It can just help you track the location of your kid’s phone, and that’s it. So, basically, it offers next to nothing.


So that was it.

We tried to cover everything from whether or not should parents monitor cell phones of their kids to how to actually do that. Hopefully, it has been an informative read for you.

If you ask our final verdict, we’d recommend you to go for eyeZy as it’s the easiest, safest, and most effective way of checking your kid’s phone.

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