How To Choose The Best Magento Development Company

How To Choose The Best Magento Development Company

Not much has changed in the tech world over the past 12 years. Magento is one of such things. This site quickly won the trust of developers and attracted fans around the world. It had some problems though. The second Magento was created to eliminate some of the complaints and shortcomings, but it was also received ambiguously by users.

So, on top of that, many have a complete confusion with these two platforms. The fact is that the first and second Magento are not separate options of Magento. Aforementioned platform also has its own Enterprise Edition. And this product, unlike, for example, Magento Community Edition, is paid. Nobody complains about the cost, since it includes installation, setup and tech support, which is especially important for large companies.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Top 5 Differences

The first and second platforms have some differences. Studying them will help the user quickly find the right solution for himself. Following are the key distinctions between them:

  1. Changes in architecture. In the second version there is a technology for improving technical glass in Magento 1. It is important to understand that this is a completely different, new platform, so switching to not means a complete transition, and not just a data transfer. Architecture of the second site is based on PHP7, and this is the key to easier configuration and improved optimization. Magento 2 also has support for HTML5, Zend Framework 1 and 2, and MySQL Percona 5.6 and its successors. Also in the second Magento innovations were added:
    1. as NGINX – an open source server that plays a role of inverse proxy as well as load balancer;
    2. Varnish – website accelerator;
    3. Composer is a control function in PHP to use the library without linking to source code and also to minimize extension conflicts
  2. Boot time and capacity. Magento 1 suffered a lot in performance, which was quite poor. The page load speed equals two seconds. That was really a setback, as research has shown that for every second of downtime, the conversion ratio drops markedly. In Magento 2, pages have been optimized, due to which the time of loading the page and the response from the server has been decreased.
  3. Mobile devices. In the first version of Magento, it was very inconvenient to work on handheld devices. This was one of the main complaints from users. The second platform copes much better with tasks on smartphones and tablets. Its themes are adapted by the mod mobile gadgets. The latest implementations of developers have shown that at the present time the platform is fully adapted to modern electronic devices.
  4. Features of launching the admin panel. In Magento 1, there were many complaints about the admin panel, as it was very difficult to use it, and it was especially difficult for beginners to learn how to navigate in it. In the second platform, navigation in the admin area has been simplified and optimized, although users say that it still remains quite difficult to manage.
  5. Payment flows. Magento 1 offered many different payment methods, but off-site integration was needed to make payments. In the second one, automatic support is observed. Now the user obtains the opportunity to pay for services in any way convenient for him without the need for integration. Payment systems also include PayPal, and Braintree.

Magento Development Company officially ended support for Magento 1 in June 2020. This product no longer updates the security system and does not fix the flaws that have arisen. It becomes more difficult to use it, and it entails various kinds of troubles for business and its owner. So many entrepreneurs who used this platform switched to Magento 2 immediately after analyzing the benefits and disadvantageous features of each of the options.

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