How to Choose The Right Intercooler For Your Car

How to Choose The Right Intercooler For Your Car

Whether it’s a car or any other vehicle, there are many devices and accessories that need repairing or replacement on a regular basis. In this post, we are going to discuss about the intercooler which is an important mechanical device that is widely placed at the front end of the bumpers. You can also choose Car Intercooler parts buy online in India at at very reasonable prices. Moreover, if you are the one who is confused about choosing the right intercooler, then this article is for you. Below you will find all the relevant details regarding the intercooler and how to choose it.

An overview of an Intercooler and its types :

An intercooler is a device that works by cooling the intake air on engines and increasing its power. These are used on turbocharged engines, air compressors, air conditioners, and gas turbines. If an intercooler is used in a car then it produces more power over an engine RPMs. It also compresses the fresh air by pulling more air into every cylinder. Besides, you can also go for Car Intercooler parts buy online in India boodmowith timely delivery.

There are mainly two types of intercoolers and before choosing an intercooler for your car you must know about them. Hence, the two types of intercoolers are as follows:

1.  Air-to-Air Intercooler – This intercooler has a simple system and is usually front-mounted. Also, this is cost-effective, lightweight, and doesn’t have issues like liquid leaking.

2.   Air-to-Water Intercooler – As compared to the Air-to-Air intercooler this has a complex system but is highly efficient in nature. In the engine bay, it can be positioned anywhere and appreciated for shorter routing.

Ways to choose the right intercooler for your car :

Below you will find some ways for choosing the right intercooler for your car based on various factors.

1.  The mounting position of the intercooler – Generally, in a car, the mounting position of the intercooler commands how well it might perform and whether an Air-to-Water or Air-to-Air Intercooler is appropriate.

   I.   Front-mounted intercooler (FMIC) – It is mounted in the front bumper, under the radiator, and is an air-to-air intercooler. FMIC also provides aesthetic appeal and is for lower intake temperatures.

  II.   Top mounted intercooler (TMIC) – It is mainly placed at the top of the engine but increases the chances of heat soaking. TMIC is widely used for stock heat exchangers.

 III.  Side mounted (SMIC) – The side-mounted intercooler is rare to find and is placed on one side of the bays of the car’s bumper.

2.   The material of the tank- The various types of intercooler end tanks are Plastic, Welded aluminum, Stamped, and Cast aluminum. So, out of these, it’s good to choose cast aluminum or a welded aluminum tank.

  1. The plastic end tanks are good for stock vehicles and are not ideal for performance.
  2. Stamped tanks are mainly found on older turbocharged vehicles but are not a good choice as compared to plastic for OEM components.
  3. In Welded end tanks there are many welded pieces of sturdy aluminum and is better for custom applications.
  4. Cast aluminum end tank has thicker walls that resist wear and tear.

3.  Core Construction – When it comes to choosing intercoolers then you can choose them on the basis of their core construction. So, these are available in two options, Tube and fin and Bar and plate.

  1. Tube and fin cores are light, their manufacturing cost is also less but is more vulnerable to damage. Also, you can go for Car Intercooler parts buy online in India Boodmoas per the needs of your car.
  2. Bar and plate cores can normally tolerate far more abuse with frequent heating and don’t become unproductive. But these are more expensive as compared to the Tube and fin cores.

4. Fin styles – For the automotive intercoolers, there is a straight fin or an offset-style fin. The offset style fin for air contact offers more surface area. Through the core, on its path, it forces the air to split many times. This intensifies the amount of heat exchange and finally results in a greater loss of pressure. Furthermore, more fins are equal to greater heat exchange and FPI (Fins Per Inch) can differ considerably both externally and internally.

Final Words :

Eventually, the choice of choosing an intercooler is totally based on your car and objectives. So, for the best heat transfer, a front-mount intercooler is good. But for improved power support for minor changes and a concentrated boost lag top-mount intercooler might be best. Besides, if you are looking for Car Intercooler parts buy online in India, Boodmooffer a wide range of different specifications and you can purchase accordingly.

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