Unlike choosing watches for men which is very easy, when choosing watches for women one needs to put a few things in consideration. One may be choosing a watch for a woman to be a gift or it might be the woman herself getting a watch for herself. This article is meant to help your choosing process easy and prevent you from all the stress people go through when buying watches for women.

Consider the Wearer

In selecting wrist watches, the wearer of the watch should be put into consideration. What jewelry and accessories do you see her wearing? What type of wrist watch have you heard her envying? Have you ever heard her talk of watch materials, styles, shapes, strap styles or watch gemstones? Which are her preferences? Do you think she would like that wrist watch based on the knowledge you have about her?

The occasions the wearer attends will also determine the type of watch to be bought. Does she go out for movies, hikes, marathon, swimming or night parties? This helps one to choose amongst sports watches, fashion watches, casual watches or even dress watches. The occupation of the wearer also will have a great say in the type of watch go be bought. Does she have a formal or informal job?

Many other factors like the age of the wearer can also be considered. Her wrist size should also be considered if the watch to be bought does not have an adjustable strap or band. A good example is that if you are getting a watch for a teenager, she might opt for one with bracelet straps while a 40-year old may not opt for the same strap.

Movement of the Watch

Most watches have two movements; quartz and mechanical. In quartz movement, it gets its power from a battery, it is effective for one who is working on a cheap budget and it very easy to maintain. In quartz movement, one is expected to change the battery when it gets weak or after 2-3 years or as directed by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, the mechanical movement types are made with very high technology and are more exquisite. It can come in either mechanical or automatic winding. Manual winding requires one to wind the watch at some occasions so that it can keep its time accurate. The automatic winding movement requires one to wear it n most occasions and use a watch winded to make sure that the watch is accurate.

Style and Shape of Watch

This is a very important aspect that should be considered when choosing watches. The circular shape is the most common watch shape. However, there are watches in other shapes like square, rectangles, triangles and even some combine two shapes together like an outer rectangle and an inner circle.

Watches also have different styles. Some have its style to look sporty, some elegant or eve casual style. The perfect sport watch should be made from stainless steel and have a rubber strap. Watches with the elegant style can be accompanied by any outfit and are mostly gold plated.


Watches are made up of different materials. When considering the material, keep the wearers skin tone not consideration also. Watches should have a complementing effect on the wearer’s skin tone. Stainless steel is a very common watch material and would look good on a woman with a cool skin tone, white gold or silver. Watches which are gold in color would look good on warm-skinned women.

All the types of watches should also match with the skin tone; sports watches, fashion dress or casual. Rubber wristwatches in particular should match the wearer’s skin tone. A good tip to this is that black rubber watches can go with any sports outfit.


When considering the dial, make sure it is not too big neither should it be too small to fit on her wrist. A dial diameter of around 28-38mm is most recommended. It should also be narrow. A majority of the women go for watches that are between 34-38mm. In this the wearer is also put in consideration.

When buying watches for women, a lot of things should be put in consideration. The ones listed above are just but a few.

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