How To Come Out On Top In The New Norm

How To Come Out On Top In The New Norm
How To Come Out On Top In The New Norm

Right now, no one is quite sure what the new norm is going to look like. It could be that the new norm is being in and out of lockdown for the next few years. During these unprecedented times, it is difficult to know what is the right course of action for your business, but that doesn’t mean that you should do nothing and just wait until the situation rights itself; it’s important to get on with it. So how can you do that and make sure you come out on top?

Embrace the changes quickly

As rules and restrictions are changing all the time and no one knows what’s going to happen, so it’s important to embrace what you can and do it quickly. Whether it means quickly changing your business model, updating your website, or updating your brand messaging and ad campaigns to include things like social distancing and wearing masks. The key here is to be quick; as soon as you know about something, act on it.

Listen to your teams and customers

In times of uncertainty, Deepak Agarwal argues that teams often look to leaders for guidance, but that this doesn’t always translate into taking on a single, clear course of action. Therefore, listening and adapting is critical, and to do so successfully is a testament to truly effective leadership. You need to know what your employees have experienced or are experiencing. If you weren’t already gathering feedback from your employees and your customers, then start doing so now. Everyone is adapting, so it’s important to hear what they have to say, how their experiences differ, and what their new needs may be.

Tell Everyone

There’s no point in making changes, adapting and embracing, or even opening your business as usual unless you tell people about it. Get the word out across all your channels, from social media campaigns and advertising to press coverage and blogs and articles. You need to make sure the messaging is right and appropriate and sensitive to the changing needs and times. Consider fresh approaches and find creative ways to meet people’s new needs.

Think About The Community

While you need to think about your business, it would be good for business if you think about serving the needs of your local community too. Do some good and think about ways you can help people out. It could be delivering food or shopping or sending things out to your customers to cheer them up.

Retain a sense of togetherness

If working remotely looks set to be the future for you and your employees, then you need to keep a sense of togetherness. It’s important to empower and support your employees, and while the novelty of video calls with friends and family seems to have worn off, it’s important to continue it for your business. Video calling gives a sense of face to face contact, so continue to hold meetings and social gatherings, one to one meetings, and just general chit chat so that people feel included and involved with the business.

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