How To Find The Right Freelance Platform To Get Your Work Done?

How To Find The Right Freelance Platform To Get Your Work Done?

Whether you have the capital to start up as a big company or your business is small or medium scaled, you would always need more than your fixed assets. I reckon that you will need some human resources to get things done for you also.

Other than businesses that are just starting, this category of resources is also in demand by established and developing businesses likewise. We understand that you do not want to keep a fixed payroll for some jobs that would in the future become redundant. We also understand that while you might not have thought this through, one idea we think would be good for you and your business is outsourcing such short-term jobs. Now, that sounds like a good idea, isn’t it? We are aware some of our readers might still be confused as to how to go about this, where do I get the freelancers to work for me? Is there a get-to place where I can find all I need in one place? Can I trust such an arrangement?

This article will not just be giving you hints on what to do, it will go a bit further to let you know what to look out for while trying to find the right freelance platform to get such work done, and that satisfactorily.

1. Check Reviews

Making a final decision on the choice of your freelance platform can become a lot easier if you can compare reviews given to different available platforms. Now that you have decided that you want your work done on a freelance platform, you can check on review websites such as Trustpilot to see a compilation of reviews of online businesses there. It is an important step where a background check is done on the website. You would see reviews given by clients and freelancers alike to help your decision-making process. Peradventure you cannot spare some time to check the reviews, you may visit first. It is a tested and trusted platform where people get their work done.

2. Check the platform’s website user interface

We can judge a book by its cover after all. Even if that is not the case often, for most reputable freelance platforms where buyers meet sellers and vice versa, having a website professionally designed is supposed to be a norm. with only a few minutes on their website, you should be able to tell if they are worth considering for your service or product showcasing. You should look out for how easy it is to navigate the website, how intuitive it is to use the website, the general graphic, cleanliness and professional nature of the pages you visited. At for instance, beyond giving us a good idea of how much effort they have put into designing that website, the clean interface also makes it easy to stay for long posting your jobs, chatting and communicating with would-be sellers.

3. Check for customer support services and contact number on the website

Getting the right freelance platform might be predicated on something as simple as being sure that you would be able to contact the support team if such a need arises. From the ‘contact us’ page on the website, the ease of locating the platform’s email and phone numbers, and the availability of 24/7 customers service line (maybe toll-free) can affect your choice. If you locate a phone number on the website, it’s a good indicator that should there be any dispute or any need to request customer support on the freelance platform, they will not be evasive.

Holistically, beyond having their contacts readily, you can trust a freelance platform if their support system is top-notch. This you can see with the provision of multiple channels to support clients with questions, concerns and complaints. At they provide support on different social media; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Their live chat service, email and phone support services are also reasons that have personally made me use their services consistently.

4. Check if they use an escrow service

After settling well with the idea of engaging a freelance platform, I’d like to point your attention to the safety of your money on the platform. Platforms with escrow services should make you rest assured that your funds will be safe. With an escrow in place, the platform requires you as a client to pay before a freelancer is allowed to start doing your work. This payment is held by the freelance platform. In the same vein, they don’t give out the money to the freelance seller until they are sure that you both have agreed with the service provided. This implies that as a client you are satisfied with the job done, and the freelancers likewise get their pay as agreed.

5. Check for a platform that verifies freelancers before admitting them.

If you have a lot of work to do, I am sure you might not have the luxury of time to be trying out different freelancers before you finally get a desirable seller. To avoid trial and error as it relates to getting your work done, and to ensure that you hire the right person with the needed skill, experience or ability, you should stick with a platform that screens their freelancers before they join them. While many freelance websites do not care about the real strength of registering freelancers, we recommend that you use one that tests among other things; skills of freelancers, language proficiency, and other necessary ability required from a satisfactory freelancer.

To conclude, your search for the right freelance platform where you would advertise your next project is a first and very important step to take as you intend to meet your work goal and reach your business target. Checking out some or all the listed details i.e., making use of escrow services, robust customer service provision, the superb interface among others before posting your next job would certainly save you some headache, money and man-hour.

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