How to Get Free Rust Skins?

How to Get Free Rust Skins?

You’ve started playing Rust, but you’d like some skins for your weapons or other items? Read our guide and find out how you can get Rust skins totally free! We’ve outlined 3 ways you can get free items on Steam for the survival game Rust.

What Are Skins in Rust?

Rust skins, as well as skins in other Steam titles (including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2), are virtual items that change the appearance of your weapon or character in the middle of the game. In the case of Rust, they have no effect on the stats of our hero or the items used, and serve only a symbolic function. In order to collect skins from Rust, all you need is a Steam account, and a Rust game, as some of the ways described by us to get free Rust skins will require you to have the game in your library. An interesting fact is that you can trade Rust skins with other players who have the exchange feature active on Steam. So if you get bored of your skins, you can trade them for other skins!

Rust Free Skin Generators – Is It a Scam?

You must have seen many YouTube videos or websites that show how free skin generators work, be it for Rust, TF2 or CS:GO. Remember that all such programs are scam, which either want to make money on you or want to infect your computer. None of the free item generators on Steam work and they never will, so if you have already taken advantage of them and installed them on your computer, it is best to scan your hard drive with an anti-virus program.

Collect Free Rust Skins and Items Using These Methods

Getting Rust skins for free is simple and much easier than it is for CS:GO. Use the following methods to get your free items now!

1. Twitch Rewards (Also Known as Twitch Drops)

Some streamers on Twitch TV have the Twitch Drop option enabled so that when you watch a stream, you have a random chance to get an item for your account. Remember that the streamer must have the “drops enabled” tag set, otherwise you won’t have a chance to get a drop on their stream. In order to receive rewards for watching streams you must go to the Twitch Drop Page from Facepunch and then link your Twitch and Steam account. Only then will you be able to receive skin drops for watching selected streamers.

2. Random In-Game Items Drop

This is probably the most well-known method from Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and all you need to do is to have the game running. Developers can modify the amount of time you get new items directly to your Steam inventory, but it’s usually 720 minutes. Remember that you can get random drops just by running the game in the background, you don’t even have to be actively playing the game to have a chance of getting random skins.

3. Skin Giveaways on Twitter or Discord

This method may rarely work (usually there is a draw in which a lot of players participate), but it is not time-consuming to do. All you need to do is to browse Twitter profiles and Discord servers that gather Rust players, leave a follow, and then actively participate in all giveaways and contests that will be published. This may not work, but taking part in such a giveaway usually comes down to liking the post or tweet, and there is still some chance of winning.

Is It Worth Trying to Get Free Items in Rust?

Definitely yes, because getting free items or skins in Rust doesn’t require a lot of time, and there’s always some chance of getting something new for your inventory on Steam. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can always use the Steam Market to purchase new skins, one for which you will already have to spend real money.

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