How to Get Thrifty With Your Cell Phone Plan

How to Get Thrifty With Your Cell Phone Plan

Cell phones have become a staple part of daily life. Over recent years, cell phones have become much more than just a device you use to stay in touch with friends and family. People use cell phones for all kinds of things. Everything from finding directions to the nearest auto parts store, paying your electric bill, or even playing games all happen from the comfort and convenience of these little palm-sized computers. 

Society, in general, is becoming more and more geared toward a consumer that uses cell phones. This has probably never been more realized than the push to use QR codes at restaurants in stead of traditional paper menus. Cell phones have become so popular that they are now assumed and almost seen as a necessity. While there are a lot of advantages to having a cell phone, the most unfortunate part about this world of technology is the price point associated with it. 

True, these devices do a lot for the average consumer, and a good cell phone is usually worth the investment, but when base model flagship phones retail at $1000 and mobile plans also aren’t ‘cheap’, this can add up. The good news is that there are ways to enjoy all the benefits of owning a cell phone in the modern digital age, without having to spend an exuberant amount of money. 

If you have been wanting to find ways of getting thrifty with your cell phone plan to save a little cash – here is everything you need to know! 

1. Look at All Your Options 

If there is one thing that cell phone giants like LTE, Verizon, or AT&T do really well, it’s marketing. Massive multi-million dollar arenas, expensive premium commercial slots during the super bowl, and all on top of normal national marketing campaigns that are honestly impressive. All of this can make a consumer feel like the only option for good, high-quality service are the name brands. 

The truth, however, is that there are more options out there. Here’s the thing, finding cheap cell phone services doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on the quality. While most people are probably aware of the fact that there are other options aside from the flagship brands, they probably associate these options with poor quality. For a lot of consumers, the reason they are even willing to entertain the idea of a higher premium for their cell phones is that they need a certain level of reliability and quality.

While the name brands do have great marketing campaigns, there are other options that can still give you high-quality service, at a much lower rate. One of those options is Red Pocket. This company uses sim cards that piggyback off of the largest networks in the country like AT&T. Because they only use the tower’s signals and don’t own the towers, they aren’t tasked with the expense of upkeep and maintenance. On top of that, they also don’t spend millions and millions on lavished marketing campaigns. What does this all mean? It means that as a company they can offer the same great quality service as major carriers, at a much lower rate.

This translates to you getting the same quality of service you would expect from Verizon or At&T, with a price tag that your pocketbook will love. 

2. What Do You Need?

When it comes to getting thrifty with your cell phone service, this is a great question to ask. Finding out how much data you use, how many text messages you send on average, and how much time you spend on the phone can really help you make an informed decision. If you find that all of these numbers are on the high side, then an unlimited plan is something you shouldn’t compromise on. A cell phone is meant to be used – so don’t box yourself in with limits that you don’t need.

On the other hand, if you find that you genuinely are not using enough data, minutes, or text messages to justify an unlimited plan – save some money and only pay for what you use! All providers can give you a detailed report of how you use your phone so you can get the data necessary to make a decision like this. Flexible plans that allow you to pay for what you use, could be a great way of saving money. 


Finding ways to get thrifty with your phone plan shouldn’t involve depreciating the quality of life you experience from using your cell phone. If you are a consumer who uses your cell phone a lot, then don’t settle on an experience that is subpar. Cell phones are a big part of life, and you should enjoy using them when you do.

Companies like Red Pocket that provide flexible plans and exceptional service all at a lower price point are proof that you can be thrifty with your cell phone plan, and not compromise on quality and experience. 

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