How To Hide From Thermal Imaging Devices?

How To Hide From Thermal Imaging Devices?

Thermal imaging devices detect any person or object by detecting the patterns of the infrared radiation coming out of their body using its sensors. If you want to know how to avoid thermal imaging, all you need to do is to cover the infrared radiations coming out from your body. 

So if you don’t know how to do that, the following points will help you in hiding the radiation from your body, disguising you from thermal imaging devices.

Remain Behind A Pane Of Glass

If you are inside your home or vehicle, you are safe from thermal imaging devices because the wavelength of infrared radiation does not travel through the glass of your car or house windows. 

But still, you would not be able to hide completely, as the thermal devices will know the shape of your glass pane and can tell that this glass could be used by someone to conceal their position. 

Get Under A Mylar Foil Thermal Blanket

Mylar thermal foil prevents you from detecting thermal imaging. This blanket, when wrapped around your body, prevents heat from escaping your body. This is why you will be invisible to the thermal screening. These blankets are mostly found in disaster kits. 

Make a tent using that sheet, and you can disguise yourself inside it; these tests will prevent you from aerial thermal imaging devices, such as drones. 

Conceal With The Woollen Blanket 

You can use wool blankets or insulated covers to hide from thermal imaging. This is similar to the mylar foil thermal blanket, but these are only temporary alternatives. They prevent your body heat from escaping, and thus you can hide from thermal imaging. 

However, after a few hours, these materials may get warmed up due to your body heat, increasing the chances of getting detected by the thermal devices. That is why these sheets are suitable for temporary use only. 

Make Use Of Thick Nets

You must have seen the military scenes, where soldiers use the net to cover themselves with some grasses and leaves so that they could easily mix into the surroundings and hide from their enemies. Similarly, ensure that you conceal yourself with these thick nets. 

Though a small amount of heat will disperse from your body, thermal devices will not be able to identify you from the stream of heat waves coming from that location. And thus, you will not get detected by the thermal imaging devices. You can buy these nets from any nearby retailers or order them online. 

Netting systems work best in surroundings, where one can camouflage themselves. So find a place where you can blend with the surroundings.

Hide Behind Large Blocks

There is a large difference between the radiation emitted by your body and the materials around you. You should always hide behind large items so that they can block your body heat, and your body heat amalgamates with the surrounding temperature. 

For instance, you can hide behind the large concrete walls, which have been heated up by the sun’s rays all day long. In this way, you can prevent yourself from getting detected by thermal imaging devices.

Infrared Blocking Shields

Many scientists are working on developing a thin and versatile sheet for shielding the Infrared radiation coming out of our body from the heat sensors of thermal imaging devices. Several tests are being performed on this technology, and it will hit the market any time soon. 

Now that you have understood how you can hide from thermal devices, you don’t have to worry about your position getting exposed in any tactical mission.

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