How To Hire The Right Employees To Improve Productivity? 5 Tips

Most businesses fail to thrive in the market not always due to the implementation of wrong strategies but, sometimes, the hiring of wrong employees. So, the success of a business highly depends on the efforts and time the hired employees put in. 

However, hiring the right employees is indeed a daunting task. While hiring the wrong employees is an expensive, time-consuming, and costlier affair, hiring the right employees improves productivity for a business. So, the main focus should be on hiring the right employees. But how to make out who is the right fit and who isn’t for your business? 

So, here in this article, we have curated useful strategies to help you hire the right employees. 

5 tips for hiring the right employees to improve productivity

1. Create a proper job description

The first step toward the right hiring process begins with the right job analysis. Most often, it is seen that employers end up circulating the wrong job profile. They fail to define the category, job description, skills, and requirements needed for the job posting. As a result, it makes the wrong candidates apply for the vacancy, and even the employers receive a flood of resumes, all from the wrong candidates. 

So, the first step toward hiring the right employees is to create a job circular that clearly states the job description, skills and requirements, responsibilities, and objectives. It saves a lot of time for both the employer and the candidates. Employers can easily filter resumes and focus on interviewing only the right candidates. 

2. Analyze the received resumes carefully

Employers receive hundreds of resumes both from the right and the wrong candidates for the offered job position in their company. But do they plan to interview them all? No!

To choose only the right candidates for the interviewing process, the employers must carefully review the received resumes, application letters, background checks, and the provided references. 

At times, background and reference checks of a candidate can be challenging. Employers need to check whether or not a candidate’s mentioned skills, credentials, or experiences are real. For this, you can seek support from the talent advisory firms meant to help you accelerate their business by finding and developing the right people. We recommend you check out Meritos, a specialist and dedicated talent advisory firm, to accelerate your business by hiring only the right employees. 

3. Pre-screen the applicants

Pre-screening the applicants saves time for the interviewing and the selection committee. While a candidate’s resume can reflect him as an experienced and hardworking employee, it won’t be true in real life. 

So, a pre-screening process through phone or any other mode can help you decide whether or not the applicant is the right fit for your organization. 

A pre-screening via phone reveals if or not the candidate is compatible with the office culture. This mode can even be utilized to inquire about their salary expectations. All this information helps employers narrow down the list for the final interview round. 

4. Test the candidates for analytical and learning skills

Employers mustn’t hire employees depending on whatever is written on their resumes. Because what if the candidate is lying about experience, background, or skills? So, the trickiest and most challenging part is finding out if a candidate is lying. 

A candidate can look confident in an interview process. However, you might be searching for the right skills and experiences vital for that specific job profile. 

Therefore, the employer should ask something tricky or ask the applicants to solve a problem. But, again, everything must be related to their applied job. 

5. Hire an intern

The most effective way to hire only the right employees for your company is by hiring some freshers or some final year students as an intern in your organization. 

Though the chosen interns are there in your company to work for a limited period, you get to analyze them for their skills, attitude, confidence, dedication levels, and other attributes. That is done; you can select the best interns to be permanent employees of your company. Moreover, hiring interns before hiring them as permanent employees is like a trial run. 


For years, the recruitment process has been considered the most stressful and challenging job for employers and the selection committee. However, hiring the right employees should not be that challenging for any business. 

Further, follow the above-mentioned expert strategies to simplify the hiring process and to make it a successful event to hire only the right employees to improve productivity for your company.

Mike K. Watson

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