How to Impress as a Manager

How to Impress as a Manager
How to Impress as a Manager

As a manager, it’s important to impress both those under you and those above you. By doing this, you will earn the respect of your employees. This results in a better work ethic and environment all around and increases your chances of promotion. Here is how to do it.


While you might think being a manager means speaking more, in reality, it’s a lot more about listening. By listening to your employee’s feedback, problems, and solutions, you will have an easier time managing and know the areas to work on.

Of course, your communication skills must be top-notch, too, but that is usually a given when it comes to being a manager. Work on your listening skills, and you’ll gain both respect and success.

Offer Technical Solutions 

As a manager, it is your job to prevent your area of the business from becoming stagnant. There are always better solutions out there to increase productivity and reduce workload, so keep your eye out for them. By offering technical solutions to problems, you’ll impress your boss with your innovation.

There are lots of technologies out there to help businesses, such as master data management for unifying and using data. Find the ones that work for each department, and success will come your way.

Know Your Team 

The best managers are those who know their team through and through. If you’re new, then make it your mission to get to know each person individually, including their strengths, weaknesses, and what their role entails. By doing this, you won’t only gain better working relationships, but you’ll also find task delegation much simpler. After all, it helps to play to people’s strengths!

Some easy ways to get to know your team better include team-building exercises, out-of-office socializing, and integrating yourself in the workspace more often.

Take Responsibility 

From corporate officers to entry-level employees, everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone has both integrity and honesty, however, and that’s what makes an excellent manager.

By taking responsibility when you mess up, you increase respect from both your managers and your employees. You show them that you aren’t afraid to admit when you’re wrong and encourage others to do the same. It can be difficult to hold your hands up, especially when the mistake is big, but in the long run, it’ll only increase people’s opinion of you.

Know Your Weaknesses 

Knowing your strengths is one thing, but knowing your weaknesses makes you virtually unstoppable. By understanding the areas where you don’t thrive, you can allocate people to do the work for you while improving your skills. The dominant role of a manager is to ensure that area of the business is running smoothly, so it’s better to admit when a job should go to somebody else, as fewer mistakes will be made.

If your goal is to create a productive work environment and open yourself up to higher opportunities, then these tips will help you get there. By being a great listener, understanding the business through and through, and knowing yourself, you have the ingredients to become an excellent manager.

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