How To Increase Health and Safety Measures In The Shipping Industry

How To Increase Health and Safety Measures In The Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is a laborious and physical sector to work in, so ensuring that all employees are working in a safe and secure environment is essential for their welfare and that of the company. So here are some examples of how you can make your area of work as safe as possible for all. 

Contents Clearly Identifiable

Each shipment needs to be clearly labelled and identified so that staff know what they are dealing with, particularly in the event of hazardous material. Checks should be made to ensure the smooth transition of each shipment and that correct labelling of contents is being adhered to. 

Staff Are Appropriately Dressed

As this is quite a physical job all staff need to be appropriately dressed with practical clothing, footwear and headgear. It is your responsibility to provide the necessary uniform to ensure that staff are kitted out in the correct uniform before they set foot on site and begin working. 

Providing First Aid Kits 

Having first aid kits on site is a must in the event that any medical attention was required by a member of staff. You should check frequently that you have all the basic and necessary items stocked up in the kits. 

Disposing of Hazardous Waste 

Some deliveries may contain hazardous waste on board so it is important that there is a process in place to be able to dispose of the necessary material accordingly. Items that are classed as hazardous could include things like lead-acid batteries, waste oils and incinerator ashes. 

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Equipment In Good Working Order

Staff are going to be using heavy machinery on a daily basis to be able to load and offload contents from ships. So ensuring that any machinery that needs to be used to lift the contents of the containers are in good working order will be essential to prevent any accidents occurring. 

Sufficient Space On Board Ships For Staff

It will be necessary for staff to work on board ships to be able to transport goods. So there needs to be adequate space for staff to be able to move around safely and for appropriate accommodation to be provided for long stays. Areas need to be sanitized and there must also be sufficient ventilation, lighting and heating. There will also need to be appropriate fire exit signs and smoke detectors in case of a fire on board with emergency lifeboats installed too. 

Contact Details For Legal Advice 

It is important to have the contact details of a boating accident attorney in the event that a member of staff injures themselves. Whilst ideally you want to create a safe environment to be able to prevent accidents from occuring in the first place, you will still need the professional assistance of an attorney in case any legal action is required.

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